Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I Might Shoot You

Great to see the Celtics pull of the win in game 5 last night.  Talk about an edge-of-your-seat game, but it was excellent when Miller botched the first free throw at the end.

I'm using exciting NBA playoff basketball to segue into this incredible video I just peeped at The Meaning Of Dope

I got to thank them for uploading footage from Slammin' the Rap Video Magazine Volume 1, which features Ice-T and the Syndicate Posse hanging out at Ice's home.  Tecmo Bowl is in effect, as is the Posse kicking their rhymes from "What Ya Wanna Do."  However, I gotta say the highlight for me was Ice explaining how he isn't a perfect role model:

"I say don't do drugs, go to school, don't go to jail, get your education 'cause  that's the only chance you got.  BUT, I like Jason, I like Freddy Krueger, if you open up a Playboy magazine I might look at it, and if I catch you stealing one of my cars I might shoot you."

Oh yeah, I segued into this from the Cs game last night because of Ice's attire in the video.  Is this an indicator of who he's rooting for in this series? 

Check out a young Everlast kicking his "What Ya Wanna Do" verse.  What an INCREDIBLE album "The Iceberg (Freedom of Speech... Just Watch What You Say)" is.  I remember my next door neighbor, Andrew Lane, bought this when I was in 7th grade.  He wasn't even big on rap, he was more of the type to get me up on Operation Ivy than a classic hip hop album, but for some reason he picked this up, and we both were in love with it.  That was around the time he filmed me making my own home music video to PE "Night of the Living Baseheads."  Perhaps I should upload that embarrassing failure at some point.  Actually, I'm glad we were filming a lot of stupid shit during that time.  We had a lot of fun back then! Don't expect me to upload the "Can't Do Nuttin' For Ya Man" video, though.  

Watch this video!

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