Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Hold On World, World Hold On... It's Gonna Be Alright

So, the Celtics are done and the Bruins let the die hard Boston fans down in the playoffs.  Shitty city... but I know a lot of other people who are way more into our teams than I am, so I'll save it.  The truth is I haven't followed the Bruins religiously since I was in 5th grade.  They let me down in the first round of the playoffs against the Capitals back when Joe Thornton was a rookie rocking my number... and once I realized how much time I had wasted at the tender age of 11 only to see my boys get stomped, I began to shy away from taking any team overly seriously.  Case and point: I tend to be a fair weather fan around these parts, and I gots no quarrels with that.

 Anyways, what I gotta do is focus on giving an apology for not having updated this thing since the Celtics / Bulls series.  Can't be letting this place turn into a ghost town like that again.  Weak... as... water.  I'll take the blame on that one.  I've been having many late nights finishing up the new project, and it's going to be a great summer putting some new stuff out there.  I've said this before, and it's really annoying I know, but further details to follow shortly.  This time those details are right around the corner, however.  Official debut album style.   In the mean time, I'll shut my trap and upload a little exclusive content right here (exclusive... I think... questionable?).  Here's a video for the dope Grandmixer D.St. track, "Grandmixer Cuts it Up."  I youtube searched and couldn't find it anywhere, so maybe I'm actually contributing something unique to the page, even if it still involves me uploading somebody else's content.  * Heyyyyyyyy * (Fonzie [in Family Guy] style). This footage was shot by Michael Holman, of Graffiti Rock fame.  I'll be back soon... no more long awkward silences!

(above:  I'm a fan of how the song is called "Grandmixer Cuts It Up" and there is an "Un-Cut side."  The video below is from the un-cut side, I believe)

Grandmixer D.St.- Grandmixer Cuts It Up! (Video)


One highlight is at 2:47 in where I'm pretty sure the record skips right as one of the Infinity Rappers is going into a b-boy stance.  Grandmixer, you son of a bitch.

Oh, one more thing... it was my mom's birthday Monday!  So, once again, happy birthday to the madre!  It was great to see you!

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