Friday, April 29, 2011

Believe - Boycott Blues Music Video Teaser

Just saw this preview video. This is one of the joints Blues was doing live on the radio show the other night. HEAVY!

Large Professor on the Stretch & Bobbito Show '93 // Main Source 1991 Video Interview

Gonna admit that it's been a pretty hectic week, so unfortunately I haven't had an opportunity to go through my stuff and post up tidbits. Tonight we got the Brick Records 15th anniversary show at Church in Boston (near Fenway). Doors are at 7 and it's only $5, so come through if you're around! Next week I'm sure I'll get some more material posted here, but in the meantime, this is what I've been listening to this week.

This is an interview with Large Pro on the Stretch and Bobbito Show from 1993. Highlights include Extra P talking about how he was high every day making beats for a good amount of time but he had recently deaded that habit. The whole interview is taking place Also, if you're a fan of Milk D's Never Dated album, you'll recognize the part where Stretch says,

"One of the elements that's very good for women to eat is wood."

from the Get Off My Log remix. Large Pro is meanwhile in his own world, listening to his beat and responding to Stretch's wood comment by shouting out Showbiz.

I can't find the remix of Get Off My Log on Youtube, but this video deserves a post by itself -

KARMA has this whole Stretch show on tape. I need that! I remember listening to it with him awhile back.

Here he is talking about Paul C., Gloria Gaynor and other things -

And more goodies -

Never seen this before!!! Main Source 1991 Interview for Slammin' Rap Video Magazine -

Yo what's crazy here is that there seems to be a little tension towards the end of the video. Extra P talking about how Sir Scratch and K-Cut broke his turntables when they first met, and them hitting him back with the fact that he broke their mixer when he was trying to be a DJ. Large Pro, "Next question!"

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

DJ Knife - Computer Love

The main man DJ Knife is back at it yet AGAIN with a new mix, Computer Love. This one hipped me to some shit I was definitely not up on -

In his own words ...

Hey folks! Here's my latest compilation, a 30 minute live-mix of 8-bit, chiptune and videogame inspired music. I recorded this after reading a post by Boston writer Chris Faraone on hip hop blog There's a lot of local love on this mix, from hip hop heavyweights Big Shug and Statik Selektah, to the Cambridge-based 8-bit duo Br1ght Pr1mate, to Somerville-based video game-mashup producer Team-Teamwork. Shout out to Will C for mastering (and having a DVD of The Wizard handy) and Alfredo Rico-D for the artwork. Enjoy! (

0 Intro
1. - 9 Samurai (Quarta 330 Remix) - Kode9
2. - Danejah - 8-bit Reject
3. - 330mix5 - Sibrevolot
4. -Sunset Dub - Quarta 330
5. - Meganerd - YTCracker
6. - An Adventure throughout November - Cityscape, Go!
7. - Punch Out! - Statik Selektah and Big Shug
8. - Boom Shiva - Soom T
9. - Doctor Octagon / Blue Flowers Vs. Yoshi's island - Team Teamwork
10. - Kissing Catchers - Cityscape, Go!
11. - Warp To World 6-9 - Benefit
12. - Super Brooklyn - Cocoa Brovas
13. - 2 Brothers from the Gutter - Percee P and Diamond D
14. - Castlevania - U-N-I
15. - Legend - Mighty Joseph
16. - Ghostface Killah / The Champ Vs. Ristar - Team Teamwork
17. - Protoculture - Del the Funky Homosapien
18. - Jay -Z / Pray Vs. Caverns (Gold n Fly) - Alex Kresovich
19. - Mystery Track
20. - 8 Bit Love - Shem
21. - Walking Home From School Together - Pixelh8
22. - 2Pac / Holler If Ya Hear Me (Gold n Fly) - Alex Kresovich
23. - Wu Tang Clan / Gravel Pit (Gold N Fly) - Alex Kresovich
24. - Hurt - Br1ght Pr1mate
25. - Dance Battle Alpha - Active Knowledge
26. - Rainbow Rainbow - K->
27. - Mini Klik (Role Model Remix) - Koro Osanago
28. - Computer Love (B-more Remix) - Excelerator

By the way, I'm not ashamed I own The Wizard on DVD and on a VHS from when I recorded it off the USA channel way back.

Monday, April 25, 2011

DOWNLOAD - Will C. and Boycott Blues on 89.3 WTBU's Midnight Marauders (04.24.11)

Last night was dope. Or, in the words of Blues, it was "def, def, deffington." He and I rolled through to WTBU's Midnight Marauders and did our thing. I'll say it like this... Boycott tore shit up. Listen to the things he says. Whatever he decides to speak on, he's saying it in a way nobody else ever has, and that is saying A LOT.

Aside from the performing, the main reason we stopped by was to promote Brick's upcoming 15th anniversary show this Friday at Church in Boston. Come through for what is no doubt going to be a memorable night, with appearances / performances by 1982 (Statik and Termanology), 7L & Esoteric, Blacastan, Moe Pope (Life After God), Boycott Blues, City Slickers, myself, Deadeye, hosts Checkmark and D-Tension, and probably even more.

Listen to and download last night's broadcast below. Highlight's include:
  • Discussing the controversy and recent banning of Colt 45 BLAST in some venues.
  • My remix of Doug E. Fresh's La Di Da Di (which I guess I'm calling Dougie's Psychedelic Breakfast for now), and the discussion this raises among the always insightful Marauders crew.
  • Blues discussing how he got into making beats and rhymes around the time he was about 5 years old. He used to secretly mess with his brother's equipment. When his brother would turn on his drum machine and see some new beats on there, he wouldn't know how they got there. Check it out.
  • Blues rhyming, me rhyming, then back to back rhyming.

Will C. & Boycott Blues on 89.3 WTBU's Midnight Marauders (04.24.11) - FULL SHOW -

** OR **

Will C. & Boycott Blues on 89.3 WTBU's Midnight Marauders (04.24.11) - JUST THE RHYMING -

Sunday, April 24, 2011

TONIGHT (SUNDAY) 8:30 - Will C. & BoyCott Blues on WTBU's Midnight Marauders

TONIGHT 04/24 I'll be stopping by WTBU's Midnight Marauders show with my main man Boycott Blues to promote this shindig -

It should be a good time tonight. Boycott Blues is one of the greatest talents coming out of Boston right now. If you've been hipped to him, I'm sure you're also anticipating his upcoming sophomore offering that should be out this year. If not, consider yourself hipped -

Blues also just got a shout out on Edo's new joint with Premier, Fastlane. This track is ill ("Boycott your music, like my boy Blues") -

You can check out the happenings and listen to the show HERE at 8:30 tonight - Look for the "Listen Live Now" in red on the left side.

By the way, if you missed the last time I was on Midnight Marauders in November of last year, check it out here:

Come out Friday for the Brick Records 15th Anniversary!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

TONIGHT - Sounds For Hounds MSPCA Shelter Dog Benefit Show

TONIGHT! Come through if you're in town! It's for a great cause!

The Joy Of Analog Tape Edits

I'm sure you've noticed that lately I've been going through a lot of radio shows and posting up highlights from various broadcasts. If all goes according to plan, this will continue on a regular basis. Instead of posting 90 minute MP3s every day, however, I'd like to keep it more focused on the amazing bits-and-pieces that really stand out to me. Who's going to keep my blog window open for 90 minutes anyways... it's always a bitch when you accidentally navigate away from a window, momentarily forgetting it was open because you've been listening to something there for 45 minutes.

I've always been super fascinated by the people who mastered analog tape editing before the rise of the digital age. The number one duo that was simply killing the edits in NYC in the Eighties was the Latin Rascals, Albert Cabrera and Tony Moran.

Producers/DJs Albert Cabrera and Tony Moran -- collectively known as the Latin Rascals -- got their start as movers and shakers on the budding early-'80s New York City club scene, hosting an influential continuous-mix show on local dance radio. The duo went on to mastermind a number of Latin freestyle dance tracks, including work for TKA and the Cover Girls, among others.

Although this footage (below) is not of a Latin Rascals edit, this will give you an idea of how much work went into tape edits. See all that white tape? Those are all individual edits made manually with tape and a razor.

80s tape cuts played back on a ReVox B77, using Maxell tape, BASF PW 384 stickers -

I'd say my favorite moment from the Latin Rascals on record came in the form of the edits they did to K-Rob's I'm A Homeboy -

As for my favorite moment from the duo on the airwaves, I'd say it's their edit of Whodini's 5 Minutes of Funk. Here it is from a New Years 1985 broadcast. Unfortunately, it is incomplete. If I find a better quality version as I go through my collection, I'll be sure to post it!

Latin Rascals x Whodini - 5 Minutes of Funk (Edit!) -

Here's another piece of the New Years broadcast, featuring mixes of T La Rock It's Yours, Kurtis Blow AJ and Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde's AM /PM -

Latin Rascals - New Years 1985 -

I'll post more on the Latin Rascals in the future!

Joeski Love & Doug E. Fresh Live 1986 via Rap Attack

Here's some audio of Joeski Love and Doug E. Fresh performing live (venue unknown) on Mr. Magic's birthday. The clip comes from a Rap Attack show that broadcast portions of the live performance. The host of the live show was Mr. Magic as well.

Unfortunately, Joeski Love's portion is only the tail-end of Pee-Wee's Dance. Doug E. Fresh gives an always energetic performance of his biggest hit, The Show.

Joeski Love / Doug E. Fresh LIVE 1986 -

And just in case you haven't seen this, the story behind Pee-Wee's Dance. Joeski had never even seen Pee Wee's Big Adventure when he wrote the song -

Friday, April 15, 2011

Electric Company - Respect Life

Every once in awhile I just have to post a track by Electric Company, the collective from Boston that consisted of Insight, Dagha, Moe Pope, Anonymous and Raheem Jamal. As a five-man crew, they only released one album, Life's A Struggle years back. If you missed it, it's never too late to brush up. This song is way up there for me.

Meet the Spring Break Body Snatchers From Daytona

I've never seen this before. These boys were wild.

Beastie Boys - "Hold It Now, Hit It" World Premiere On The Rap Attack

This is the world premiere of Hold It Now, Hit It on Mr. Magic's Rap Attack. I would say nothing crazy special happens, but you need to play this audio file. There's something about this old tape and the LOW 808 kick on this classic record that may be creating the most satisfying bass kick I've ever heard in my life. I was going to bring up the highs, but nah, just listen to it on bass heavy speakers to get the full effect of this bass. It's also cool to think that this is probably the first time people had an opportunity to hear this Licensed To Ill-era cut.

Beastie Boys - Hold It Now, Hit It (World Premiere) -

Random Yahoo Headlines # 1

Sometimes I hate having Yahoo mail. I can't help but notice the god awful headlines they have in their news section. The sad part is, sometimes I click on them. Below are four terrible headlines from the past month or so.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Whodini "Funky Beat" - Original Rap Attack Exclusive Mix

Some more hip hop bliss for you today. Yesterday was fun checking out the mysterious early 1987 Master Ace joint. I wonder if any information will come to light regarding that one. Today, we have what is dubbed by Mr. Magic "the original funky beat." He states, "You can NOT hear this anywhere else. It is exclusively heard on the Mr. Magic Rap Attack, with Mr. Magic and Marley Marl. It's on WBLS, 107.5, in a class by itself." The dude was a company man, that's no doubt.

I've checked it out. Though I haven't played the original in a minute, I'm pretty sure it's engrained in my memory forever. That being said, I hear some alternate vocal takes and an additional bass line in places. I'm not noticing a whole lot else, but I could be blanking / overlooking something obvious for sure. What do you think?

Whodini - "Funky Beat" Original Rap Attack Exclusive Mix -

Whodini are one of the best hip hop group's ever, no debate. I don't gotta explain why, just watch -

Whodini SLAMMIN' THE RAP MAGAZINE 1991 Interview -

Amazing footage, I'm not exaggerating. Not every hip hop group could give an interview that is this entertaining. They gel so well:

2:48 in...

Ecstasy: We feel like, we still have expressions that we'd like to get across in our music and things we'd like to say. We plan to go out this summer and go out and tour with everybody, and show everybody the strength and the unity...


Ecstasy (Pointing to the camera): That's it baby.

Jalil: He didn't want to say it like that, did you... bust it, did you read the between the lines? The Strength...

Ecstasy, Jalil, Grandmaster Dee (in unison): AND THE UNITY!

Ecstasy: In fact, if we can be together for 10 years, and a lot of groups can't be together on a tour for 3 hours without things flaring, there's something wrong there. So, we have to be the ones to set and example and we've always been the ones. And even when we went on the first rap tour now, where there's a lot of egos, and the second rap tour, and we worked together and unified and made all those tours successful so that later on, other people would have opportunities to do that.


Jalil, meanwhile is affirming "Yeah," nodding as if he's like "yeah we did that shit." Grandmixer, aside from saying the word "unity" in unison with the group and beatboxing for the group to do a Slammin magazine rhyme routine, is relatively silent throughout. Once again, THIS is a rap group. All three are in harmony. Just look at their skills for the magazine routine. Professional level.

Here they are once again spreading a positive message -

Whodini News Special - Footage of group at Hyde Park High School In Chicago Speaking To Students -

The newscasters dialogue here is funny as hell. When they first cut to the group performing live, while the vocoder states "the freaks come out at night," the newscaster goes "unusual lyrics, to say the least."

Check out the footage of them speaking to the youth about the effects of crack and the video the anti-crack video they created.

When asked WHERE rap originated, Jalil answers, "from the heart."


Robocop Chicken Commercial 1980's

"Yo, I'm about to eat!"

I guess it's going to be another crazy day. As my buddy Marty pointed out, if this bizarre commercial wasn't already enough, why on earth is the score from Back To The Future III playing in the background?

Know what I mean? 'Bout 20 seconds in -

Now, the only question remains is, what is the more out of control cameo by Robocop. The chicken commercial, or this -

Thanks for getting the commercial my way, Marty. Now it's time for breakfast.

New Edo G. on the Way

I'm excited to hear there's a new Edo G. album on the way. A Face In The Crowd drops May 12th. Here's the track Righteous Way:

01. Fastlane (Prod. by DJ Premier)
02. Life (Interlude)

03. I Was There

04. Stop It

05. Rappers (Interlude)

06. Dummies (f. Bishop Lamont & Def Jeff)

07. Black Power (Interlude)

08. Righteous Way

09. Like That (f. Slaine & Jaysaun)

10. Beat (Interlude)

11. Only You (f. Amandi)

12. Ain’t Gonna Wait

13. Drink Up

14. One Two (f. JTronious)

15. Life (f. Chali 2na)

16. Speak Ur Mind (f. M1)

17. World on My Shoulders (f. Made Men)

18. Time Bomb (Outro)

Freddie Foxxx and DJ Premier - "Freddie Blassey"

No lie, this is one of my favorite Freddie Foxxx tracks and I couldn't even tell you if it ever came out. I think I heard it on a now defunct website over 5 years ago and loved it. Then I never heard it again. If you ask me, this is an incredible DJ Premier beat. Crazy bass line, and some type of keys I've never heard him use. I've never been able to hear this track in higher quality than the format it appears on youtube. Tell me if this track has seen an official release!

Norm MacDonald at his Best

Hilarious clips of Norm Macdonald, if you like that sort of thing -

Below are extended scenes from Norm Macdonald's roast of Bob Saget. If you see the whole tv special, you'll notice Norm is reading a newspaper the entire show prior to his routine.

Norm: Bob, you have a lot of well wishers here tonight, and a lot of them would like to throw you down one.... a well. They want to murder you in a well. Seems a little harsh, but apparently they want to murder you in a well... it says here on this card. No, but Bob has a beautiful face, like a FLOWER. Yeah, cauliflower. No offense, but your face... looks like a cauliflower.

"bit and run" -- Mario's Ladder

A strange ending to a strange day... "bit and run" -- Mario's Ladder

art and animation by Cory Godbey

musical arrangement by Henry Benjamin Kammer

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Lest Anyone Forget Darryl Strawberry Had a Rap Record

Featuring Whistle, UTFO and Richie Rich, nonetheless.

Here's Mr. Magic sneaking in a jab at it in '88 (as Marley is coming out of a dope Big Daddy Kane Set It Off / Stetsasonic DBC Let the Music Play blend) -

Mr. Magic on "Chocolate Strawberry" -