Friday, October 21, 2011

Brian Wilson Reveals Light Up Smile Box Set

Here's Brian Wilson of The Beach Boys showing the amateurs how it's done. Gotta love the virtual handshake at the end.

"I think it lights up..."

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Who is this Filling In For Magic? From Early 1985

Hold up... I need your help. From the same tape that's labeled January 23rd, 1985 comes a portion of a show where there is a guest filling in for Mr. Magic. The question is, who is it? Anybody know? Could be obvious to some, but sometimes I just don't know these things. I hear Starchild on the mic, but he's not the main personality hosting the show. I dig how he has his own sign off, over New Edition's Is This The End -

We want you to keep the faith, keep the juice, and never judge a man until you've walked a mile in his shoes, okay? Peace, love and happiness, and may the juice be with you. Ciao.

Magic Fill-In Host with Starchild - Early 1985 -

Magic's Fill-In Host Signing Off - Early 1985 -

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Mr. Magic Disses The Real Roxanne - January 23rd, 1985

Another killer moment here. After wrapping up a block of Roxanne wars records, debuting the Roxanne Shanté Vs. Sparky Dee - Round 1 12", Magic manages to throw a couple verbal jabs in the direction of The Real Roxanne.

Mr. Magic: I can't wait to see that battle. I guess The Real Roxanne is not even included in this battle. I guess as they say, that's show biz. Meanwhile, that about raps things up for yours truly, Super Rockin' Mr. Magic, until I return to burn this coming Saturday night... starts at 2 o'clock in the AM. Anyone driving in their car please proceed with a little extra safety and care. Super listeners, whenever you do your homework, always do it as Fly Girl Shante does it, do it to the best of your ability and also remember that persistence ALWAYS overcomes resistance, and any fool can learn from his own mistakes, but it takes a wise man... a wise guy like you to learn from the mistakes made by others. Quick reminder, be yourself or you might find yourself by yourself, and... that's what happened to the Real Roxanne... so sorry.

(laughter in the studio)

For the entire Juice Crew, I am of course Mr. Magic. Special thank you to my engineer all star Marley Marl and Fly Ty Will on the vibe line.

Poetry right there.

Mr. Magic 01.23.1985 Sign Off with Real Roxanne dis -

Friday, October 14, 2011

Stetsasonic Call Into Awesome 2 Show // Awesome 2 Sign Off - February 1987

Great spontaneous moment here. The whole Stetsasonic crew call into The Awesome 2 show to let them know they're listening.

Stetsasonic Call into Awesome 2 Show // Awesome 2 Sign Off - Feb '87 -

- Hello you're live, the Awesome 2

- Yo this is Daddy-O from the Stet, yo we got the whole Stet posse in the place to be man (the rest chime in)

- Brooklyn in effect, huh?

- What's happenin' fellas, big things is happening with y'all

- We're getting ready to go out on tour with LL, Whodini, Public Enemy, Eric B, Doug Fresh, the whole posse man, we're going RAMBO man, taking the Brooklyn show on the road.

- Now didn't we say things was gonna be kicking live?

- Oh yeah, most definitely man, we know you were always in our corner, that's why we in y'alls

- Believe that

- Word Up


- Stet posse wants to say peace to everybody in the world. We out here man, and we're always pushing for the Awesome 2. Stamping out all gay people in radio!

Yowsah. The conversation is followed by a little Ultra Magnetic M.C.'s Mentally Mad blend as the 2 sign off. The girl you here is Tara, who was shouted out earlier in the show for helping handle the phone lines. Apparently somebody called in trying to say they were LL Cool J, looking to shout out E Love.

- To the kid who called and told me he was LL Cool J and wanted to say hello to E Love... have a better imitation next time.

- Believe that!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Love Rap / The New Rap Language Test Press - Ebay

Forgot to mention this earlier in the week. Recently, when I realized I couldn't get to an item that was jammed between a stack of albums, a projector, my laundry and a cardboard box with unknown contents, I decided it was time to part with some of my goodies. Multiple copies ain't always where it's at. I got some vinyl up on Ebay, including this gem right here, a test pressing of Love Rap / The New Rap Language. Gad zooks! -

Also got some other crazy stuff like a sealed copy of Scott La Rock and the Celebrity Three Advance, Top Choice Clique The Powers In The Words EP, Rapmasters and DJ 2 (Beautiful Sounds) 12", the list goes on. Check it ALLLLLLLL out


Marley Marl Scratch (Early Version) and Roxanne Shante Rap Attack Interview - Jan or Feb 1985

Alright, so a couple early demos of Marley Marl Scratch dropped in recent years. That was something I had a hand in. To broaden the canvas and illustrate the context in which the first early version dropped, I wanted to share this excellent segment from early '85 on the Rap Attack. This demo has been noted as airing January 23rd, 1985, but upon closer examination, I'd have to say this was either that date or in the vicinity. The tape I have labeled January 23rd actually has audio from at least three Rap Attack shows, so sometimes it's impossible to decipher. This clip begins with Magic and Marley shifting out of Grandmaster Flash's Larry's Dance Theme and into the Shan demo. Immediately afterward, Roxanne Shante stops by the studio and lets the world know where she's been, where she's headed, and shares her thoughts on the up-and-coming rappers out there.

I hope they're good.

Magic and Roxanne rap about her newfound fame, her upcoming Soul Train appearance, and more, as the clock ticks toward four in the morning. Below is the full segment together, as well as the Roxanne segment by itself. Enjoy it...

Marley Marl Scratch - Early Demo Expanded - Roxanne Shante Rap Attack Interview - Jan or Feb '85 -

Roxanne Shante Rap Attack Interview - Jan or Feb '85 -

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Kool Skool Interview

Just the other day I was introduced to Shucks One over at The Kool Skool. Definitely a good dude! He interviewed me and asked a lot of quality questions. You can see where the conversations led if you click the following link:

"Without further ado, we introduce Will C., Modern Man or Breakbeat Machine of the Future?" - Shucks One

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Awesome 2 Premiere Nice & Smooth Skill Trade

The Awesome 2 Premiere Nice & Smooth Skill Trade

I haven't posted much from The Awesome 2 since this site got going. Truthfully, I don't have much of their shows, but I'm going to delve into some great moments of theirs from early 1987 in the coming days. Let's start out with what is almost for sure the world premiere of Nice & Smooth's debut record (as Greg Nice and Smooth Bee), Skill Trade. This is the b-side of a tape whose a-side is marked February 2nd, 1987, so this is most likely from a week or two after. The Awesome 2 spin Skill Trade while they have Smooth B on the phone.

The Awesome Two Debut Nice & Smooth's "Skill Trade" and Speak With Smooth B on the Vibe Line -

Special K: Something brand new that you heard first with the 2 called "Skill Trade" by my man Smooth B who is still live on the vibe line with us from Tarzana, California, and this is a very special record. More than what the meaning holds for the skill trade, it's a skill trade by a very special man that we lost a couple months ago. Smooth B is gonna elaborate on that...

Smooth B: I came together with Greg Nice to perform the skill trade, and it was a tribute to my man June Love 'cause he passed away, may his soul rest in peace. Originally it was June Love and Greg Nice getting ready to come out, you know, so when that happened we said, "yeah we gotta do something in tribute to June," 'cause we had planned to do something together in the future...

... There's a few people that really know what they're doing ... we know what we're doing ... June Love knows what he's doing ... The Awesome 2 know what they doing ... Bobby Brown know what he doing... there's troops and troopettes, we know what we're DOING... that's the hook, together we're coolin'

Why the Bobby Brown mention? Apparently he was on the vibe line earlier, but of course that part ain't on the tape. Damn!

Enjoy this one, a very early moment from Nice & Smooth's partnership on wax!

Fresh - I Didn't Write

This one has only three views, which is a shame. Quality jam by Fresh called I Didn't Write. Get those numbers up!

Monday, October 10, 2011

The Fat Boys Visit Mr. Magic - January or February 1985

I guess you could say I've been away.

I'm back now with some quality bits and pieces from rap's better days. Most of it is going to be material that hasn't been heard since the night it was broadcast live, and it's going to be coming in a massive wave, so check back daily. Here we go...

From my tape labeled January 23rd 1985 (although this is a show from a week or two later), we have Mr. Magic running down the weather forecast before introducing his in-studio guests, The Fat Boys. A couple years back, I posted an interview with The Fat Boys from April 20th, 1984 from when they were just starting to blow up as the Disco 3 with a large record called Fat Boys. 9 months later, they're still on the rise and a little bit more animated as their newest single Can You Feel It is playing in the background.

The Fat Boys Rap Attack Interview From Late January or February '85 (A) -

Kool Rock-ski: We won the Tin Pan Apple Rap and Breakdance contest at Radio City Music Hall on May 23, 1983, and we recorded our first record. Our second record we recorded with Kurtis Blow, which was real big, and that was "Fat Boys." Now Kurtis is our producer from now on. We just released the album three months ago and so far it went gold.

Mr. Magic: Okay, so now, you've been together for about two years... I've had the pleasure of knowing you for a few years and I can see that you have grown up a lot. They got Cazals on, y'all chillin' most. Did you ever think it was gonna be this big when you put the group together?

Fat Boys: Not really.

Check this one out. If you're anything like me, you'll agree this is a hip hop moment in history to be cherished. I'm very grateful and happy that this broadcast was preserved for all of these years. A lot of people taped the Rap Attack, but either they're keeping them in shoe boxes or they perished long ago. It's always painful to think of how many legendary moments will never ever be seen or heard again. I was in a conversation not long ago where a few individuals were discussing a John Lennon appearance on the Mike Douglas show. How many Lennon fans would cherish seeing that appearance in broadcast quality? It should exist, but it doesn't. The tapes were wiped. Let's preserve this shit. If you're out there with tapes tucked away, I'm not mad at you if you're trying to keep them to yourself, but I say you get them out there eventually before you kick the bucket, or they'll most likely vanish with you.

Here's the tail end of The Fat Boys in-studio appearance!

The Fat Boys Rap Attack Interview From Late January or February '85 (B) -

The Sundowners - Always You

Killer tune here. Lyrics written by Tony Asher, the lyricist behind The Beach Boys' Pet Sounds. Ah, but which version do you prefer?

Album Version:

Single Version:

Here I go again relying on Youtube comments for information:

One of the MAJOR reasons that this song sounds so good is that it was produced by Bones Howe, who also produced The Association, Fifth Dimension, Mamas and Papas, Johnny Rivers, The Turtles, etc., all great vocal bands! He is definitely an unsung hero of 60's music. I consider him the American George Martin! - bossadude

Thanks bossadude.