Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Mr. Magic Week # 3 (Wednesday) - "Cavett Conclusion" / "Fat Boys World Premiere" / "Busy Bee ('Suicide' Era) On Rap Attack"

As promised, the latter half of the Dick Cavett Morning Show is now available on this fine Wednesday.

First off, rest in peace to DJ Mike Music from Divine Sounds. Anybody who doubts this crew's influence just needs to peep the new mini Big Daddy Kane documentary floating around online, where Kane states:

"The first time I bought a microphone was because of Divine Sounds... because of Disco Richie. You know, he had his equipment out, he was rhyming and stuff and I wanted to get on! So right after he got through rhyming I was like, 'Yo I'm an emcee. I wanna rhyme too.' And he hit me with the shoulder like, 'Naw shorty, you gotta have your own microphone.' It took me two weeks to save $25 to go down to the Albee Square Mall and buy a Dynamic microphone from Radio Shack. I finally got on when they did the block party between Stuyvesant and Lewis. I got on and rhymed against Richie then. We broke bread, we was cool then."

Divine Sounds perform their hit "What People Do For Money" on this recording. I really wish I could see this on video to check out Breakin' In Style and Chief Rockers showing Dick and his cohost how to break. Still, the audio is classic.

Secondly, in case you missed it, a couple months back the good folks at Fat Lace showed love to Down The Dial, and I hit them with a clip from the "Rap Attack."

The date is April 20, 1984, and a fresh, seemingly reserved and shy group known as the Fat Boys are about to have their brand new single (“Fat Boys”) debuted on the Rap Attack. An absolutely classic record being spun for the first time… definitely sends chills up my spine. For those unaware, their manager, Charles Stettler, played Beiker in “Krush Groove.” Enjoy this one!

And finally, another "in case you missed it." My man dj dee-ville over at Ain't It Good To You? also showed much love when Down The Dial dropped, and I shared an exclusive over at this blog.

This one's from October 24th, 1987. I feel a clip like this really displays the excitement and spontaneity of the show. Busy Bee is in the house, and you can tell Magic and him go way back. Check out the two referencing Busy’s infamous New Music Seminar battle with Roxanne Shante (whom Mr. Magic was the host of). Let’s just say he’s not done throwing jabs at The Queen of Rox. Also listen for a Beastie Boys dis, as well as a conversation topics ranging from drugs, the closing of the Disco Fever, the progression of rap music at the time, and Busy’s new record “SUICIDE!”

Part 1

Part 2

More to follow tomorrow!

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