Monday, May 23, 2011

What is this Doug E. Fresh song? Unreleased or Overlooked?

What is this Doug E. Fresh song? Unreleased or Overlooked?

Here's the final excerpt from the August 11th, 1984 broadcast of the Rap Attack, and it's a keeper. Here is the world premiere for a then-brand-new Doug E Fresh record. The only catch is, I've never heard it until now. My question for you is… have YOU heard it?! It is quite possible that this is a more obscure release of Dougie's that I've overlooked, but I wasn't able to find a link to something like this on Discogs, so I'm not sure. Doug E. Fresh die hard fans, chime in on this one!

It was fun unearthing the Howard Park Masta Ace track a couple months back. It would be fun if this was another rarity from a hip hop legend, but it's quite possible this is something that's out there and I'm getting ahead of myself. To be determined…

One morning I had a dream / that I could make young ladies scream / by making musical sounds with my mouth, listen! / so I tried it at a party / and people didn't even know it was me / and when they finally saw me I heard a shout...

Doug E. Fresh - Possibly Unreleased Track -

Magic chimes in at the end...

It's brand new, it's Doug E. Fresh, heard first with Sir Juice, and my engineer all star said he wants to be a DJ. Sounds like a winner!

Friday, May 20, 2011


New Blaq Poet "Blaq Poet Society" Trailer I Did

This is the new trailer for Blaq Poet's upcoming release Blaq Poet Society that I put together recently. I only say this when I mean it... HEAVY!!

RIP Macho Man Randy Savage

Damn, just saw a report that Macho Man Randy Savage passed away from a heart attack. One of the most iconic wrestlers in WWF history. He was certainly an ever present personality during my youth, from the wrestling matches to the Slim Jim commercials. I remember being CRUSHED watching him lose to Ultimate Warrior in the Wrestlemania VII retirement match. Here's some classic clips!

these two are a little loud ...

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Rap Attack - Show Intro - 08.11.84 - "8 Million Stories"

Here's some more Rap Attack material. Just a little something... this is the show intro to the August 11th, 1984 edition of the WBLS Rap Attack. As showcased yesterday, Magic and Marley were on fire this particular night, in high spirits, rocking off their chemistry. I swear, this particular show would be a top contender for showcasing what Mr. Magic brought to the table for hip hop. His signature and bass heavy voice narrates the listener through the show as he introduces countless new hip hop records. It all sounds so official. The class of New York city serving as your guide in the era of rap music.

Rap Attack 08.11.1984 Show Intro (WBLS) -

"One for the treble, two for the bass, come on Marley Marl, let's rock three states!"

"We'd also like to let everyone know that we are celebrating Harlem week, and to do that, we begin with something brand new from Harlem's own king of rap. His name is Kurtis Blow."

(Cue 8 Million Stories). I'm glad this tape survived through the years!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

991 Volts - 4 Unreleased Tracks

Just seen that there are four unreleased tracks from 991 Volts floating around on the internet. Each is quality, and as a whole they just might feature my favorite production I've heard coming from a 991 Volts release, no joke. It's a toss up between these and Champion of Love.

Check the line on No Gasface - "you may think this jam is just a bummer / just because we didn't use funky drummer / it's a shame it got played to death / over and over and nothing's left."

Bright Ideas definitely has a Greg Nice vibe going.

From Doing What We Gotta Do - "every single day of my life I catch flack .. but I won't forget where I'm from, some... do / one day, you'll get the cold shoulder too / 'cause you gotta pursue something brand new and you / can't do that with people holding you back ... / you must cut the slack" doing what we gotta do

You may know this group for having two of the more exceptional tracks from the entire B-Boy Records discography, 991 Volts of Noise and Time Will Tell. Later, they released a killer single on Mercury in 1989, Champion of Love. I never had the 12", but I always loved Champion of Love ... I had it on a tape from DJ Daze called Back in the Daze (anybody ever heard of this mix... it was on cassette).

Here's the Champion of Love video -

"I seen a couple of blazin' honeys just standing at the bus stop / had to send the vibe so I said 'yo baby, what's up!' / then one replied, 'I'm not your baby sugar' / I said I'm not your sugar you fucking stankin' booger!"

This rip of the video is a bit lower quality, but you can hear Ralph McDaniels at the beginning introducing it, calling them 9,1,1 Volts -

Here's their earlier tracks from their B-Boy Records single -

991 Volts - 991 Volts of Noise -

991 Volts - Time Will Tell -

Monday, May 16, 2011

Wordsworth - Thanks For Coming Out

This is one of those tracks that was very much slept on when it came out and basically never heard from again. Wordsworth's "Thanks For Coming Out," produced by J Rawls. I believe I first heard it on the now defunct Art of Rhyme website (what up Joel) back in 2003 when it dropped. I immediately had to seek it out on vinyl. The damn shame here is that I haven't found any mention of this track since it appeared on Art of Rhyme all those years ago. While the A-Side, VA Slim AKA Audessey's "The Gusto," appeared on the CD/LP release "7 Heads R Better Than 1," "Thanks For Coming Out" appears to have only made an appearance on the b-side of the 12" pictured above. I could only find this low res jpeg of the 12" cover. The Wordsworth track is just nowhere to be found, so I had to shine some light on it. I was a big fan of his album Mirror Music when it dropped shortly after this. His lyrical ability and dexterity on that album amazed me... exceptional narratives and song concepts.

This particular track is a feel good rap song. Wordsworth giving thanks to all of those who have supported him over the years atop J Rawls very impressive production, driven by an infectious piano loop. The icing on the cake is the beat switch up towards the end. If you only like harder edged hip hop, steer clear. If you got the jazz, check it out -

Wordsworth - Thanks For Coming Out (12" Vocal Version) -

Wordsworth - Thanks For Coming Out (12" Instrumental Version) -

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Rap Attack "Rockin' On Your Radio" - Magic & Marley's Chemistry (08.11.1984)

Here's a great clip from the August 11th, 1984 edition of the Rap Attack on WBLS. An energetic and on-point Mr. Magic rocks off his chemistry with DJ Marley Marl on the wheels of steel. All this takes place over a Mr. Magic's own production, Jeckyll and Hyde's AM PM. Check it out -

Magic and Marley "Rockin' on the Radio" -

Magic: Tell 'em whatcha want them to do Marley Marl!

Marley: (cuts "AM PM") "Turn your radio up!"

Magic: WBLS FM 107.5 in a class by itself, Mr. Magic maxin' and relaxin', Marley Marl doing the waxing, and just to prove to you, juice, that it's all the way live, tell 'em Marley Marl what we're doing right now...

Marley: (cuts Crash Crew "On The Radio") "rockin' on your radio!"

Magic: Lemme hear ya cut up the "rock ... rock... rockin'!"

Marley: (cuts Crash Crew "On The Radio"): "Rock ... rock... rockin')

Magic: Often imitataded but never quite duplicated, as I said we are in a class by iteself... I hate to brag but it is definitely the TRUTH! Turn the boxes up, 30 minutes of non stop music continues...

(Above: A WBLS ad from the New York Subway System IRT line, circa 1978)


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Strictly Business' takes on The Roxanne Wars

The man "Ric Flair" over at Strictly Business just hipped me to his impressive mix compiling highlights from the Roxanne Wars. Check it out. My jaw dropped when I saw this video he posted! Never ever ever seen this -

Eazy-E "Radio" World Premiere on Rap Attack // UTFO Rap Attack Trivia

From June 17, 1988, here's the world premiere of Eazy-E's Radio on Mr. Magic's Rap Attack!

Eazy-E Radio World Premiere (06.17.88) -

And check this out, Mr. Magic's reaction to the world premiere of Radio, as well as an edition of Rap Attack trivia, this time around focusing on UTFO knowledge...

Mr. Magic talks Eazy-E / Rap Attack UTFO Trivia (06.17.88) -

Magic: How 'bout the LA boys in effect, Eazy-E! Yeahhh, seems like rap is getting big coast to coast. Reminds me of this very good looking DJ, know what I'm saying Marley?

Marley: Oooh

Magic: Anyyyyway


Magic: UTFO's first recording was Beats and Rhymes! Remember that? I don't think so, we didn't remember it either.

Anonymous - "Superstar" Video

Check out this track, Superstar, by Anonymous the MC!

Skinny Boy on Miggs B TV

Skinny Boys killin' it! Never seen this local TV appearance footage before...

By the way, don't type in "skinny boys" in google image search. It doesn't go over too well.

How 'bout this conversation (from the video) -

What is... "Fresh" is cool?

Fresh, def, ill...

Okay, ill... (?)

Now, if I say you're illin' because of your shirt then that'd be different.

Illin's sorta short for chillin'?

No, illin' means you're buggin' out.

Illin' is fresh and fresh is cool... sort of (?)


Oh wow, didn't expect the Chuck Chillout cameo!

Monday, May 2, 2011

The Posse Is Large

Posse shot from the Brick Records 15th Anniversary show... 7L & Esoteric, Termanology, Slaine, Statik Selektah, Karma, Papa D, Skitzofreniks, Dee Tension, City Slickers, DJ Nesquik, myself, MORE... courtesy of

Russell Simmons and Rick Rubin on UK Capital Radio 95.8 - 1986 Krush Groovin'

Here's a nice portion of a tape that contains an appearance by Russell Simmons and Rick Rubin on UK Capital Radio 95.8 in 1986. It's from a moment in time when the UK was awaiting the arrival of Krush Groove in their nation's theaters. It begins with Rick and Russell being amused by Mike Allen's (? I think it's Mike Allen...) use of the word hooligan. The highlight, however, is Russell telling a little story about the recording of the song Krush Groove. Check it out -

Russell Simmons and Rick Rubin on UK Capital Radio 95.8 - 1986

Russell Simmons: There was a fight between Kurtis and Rick, and since I manage both of them I was in the middle. Kurtis and Rick were arguing about what the record should sound like. Kurtis and I had made this record, and Rick called it... gosh, I can't use that word.

Rick: Pussy, I said it was pussy.

Russell: He said it was kinda weak, but then Run felt... Run's my little brother, and he kept telling me he didn't wanna rap on it because it was too musical, or too pop, or too -

Rick: Pussy... too pussy, was the word.

Russell: They kept using that word. And so they just decided they'd make their own parts. So Run was supposed to show up in the studio. What happened was Rick showed up instead of Run, and Rick brought this other part. So we just edited it in, that's from another multi track. And then Kurt did that same part, almost like that same kind of thing himself, 'cause it turned out alright.

I heard Sbarro filed for bankruptcy recently. No good... Let's take a look at their finest hour -

DJ Manipulator TRANSFORM!

The homie DJ Manipulator is killing it lately. One of this region's most talented and hardest working producers, he's got some new material to give your speakers a run for their money. I wouldn't post this shit up if it wasn't tough, so don't sleep on Live from the Badlands 3. Killer breaks, samples, cuts and arrangements... these beats are right up my alley...

Here's a few short snippets to help motivate you to toss this thing into your Itunes.

DJ Manipulator - High Speed Chase (From Badlands 3) -

DJ Manipulator - Flip This (From Badlands 3) -

Manipulator has been staying dedicated for a long time now. No, I'm not just trying to say every single cliche sentence to get you to give him a listen. I remember about 7 years back we linked up briefly and talked about all the things we were trying to make happen. I see him doing his thing now, and I am very impressed with how far he's taken it. We hadn't spoken in years and years when I got linked to Kinda Dusty and saw a picture of him holding up the Mixmaster Gee record (pictured above). I was like oh shit, there he is! I knew it was the same dude 'cause I had told him to check out the mixmaster gee 12" way back when I first learned he went by Manipulator.

If you're feeling Live From The Badlands 3, check out his Studio Kinda Dusty Mix below, also for free...

Don't be surprised if you see Manipulator credited for some cuts on a few of my upcoming projects.

New Video - Reks x Statik Selektah - "Mascara"

New video off Reks' Rhythmatic Eternal King Supreme.

Directed by Nicolas Heller
Produced by Statik Selektah for Showoff

New Phill Most Chill x DWG

Looks like there's going to be a new Phill Most Chill release on Diggers With Gratitude for the summertime. There's no doubt in my mind that it will be quality. Check out the preview! -

Here's what Phill had to say on his blog about the upcoming record:

Shameless self promotion, I know... that's Hip Hop, baby. The long awaited, often rumoured but yet to materialize Phill Most Chill "All Cuts Recorded Raw" limited edition double vinyl lp on DWG is finally about to happen... June 2011 or DIE (no, I'm not gonna kill any of the Diggers With Gratitude if it comes out later than June... it's just a figure of speech). And here is a short little promo trailer for the upcoming album. More to come concerning this project, possibly LOTS more. Please spread the word and brace for impact. PEACE.