Thursday, March 31, 2011

John Leguizamo x Hip Hop

Which of these two clips is a worse use of hip hop in a John Leguizamo movie?


or That

Shouts to my buddy Leigh who went to see The Pest in theatres!

The Legendary Villain

Up until late last year, I had never heard this one. I can confidently say that my life has improved upon hearing this hidden gem. Goddddd damn! A friend of mine just got in touch with the Legendary Villain himself. Hopefully I'll have more to report on that matter sometime in the future!

By the way, it was quiet here the past week 'cause I was in Hawaii. What a journey that was. From the cold Northeast to some sort of Paradise. Back to life, back to reality...

Thursday, March 17, 2011

FUNK DAT! Beavis and Butthead Weigh In / Chill With Run-DMC

Here, Beavis and Butthead come across the Funk Dat video...

Here, they hang out with Run-DMC. Who else likes Bounce by Run-DMC? That synth type intro is nuts.

It's Me, Mario!

This mock trailer got me in the mood to play some Super Mario Bros. 3. Definitely one of the best video games ever created. Every time I play it, I feel like young Jimmy going up against Lucas and Mora for the title. And yes, that means I feel like the chick from Rilo Kiley, Kevin Arnold, Christian Slater and Jeff Bridges' brother are cheering me on...

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Rest In Peace Nate Dogg

I had read a couple years ago that Nate Dogg was going through some serious health issues, and now it seems that they got the best of him. More sad news in the world of hip hop, which is all too common lately. However, the music will live on for sure. My thoughts go out to the friends and family of this talented icon who seemingly had the capabilities to make any song 100 times better. Rest in peace Nate Dogg.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Raheem Jamal - "Rewind / Marc's Little Brother"

Incase you missed it the first time around on Building With Bricks Volume 3 (2008, Brick Records), here's Raheem Jamals' Rewind / Marc's Little Brother. Raheem recently described it as "a quick flashback to my youth," but damn, I'd say more like it's a lyrical achievement, vividly painting a picture of the ups and downs of his early years. Produced by Raheem, engineered and mixed by yours truly -

Crises Precipitate Change

Check this out... a Boston-area news report from 1988 covering a computer virus, which at the time was a brand new threat to the universe.

Overly melodramatic and cheesy Boston TV channel news report about a computer virus outbreak discovered by MIT nerds. Fun because they don't just report on the virus - they interview geeks, and insert random clips from retro videogames and TV movies to illustrate what a virus is. Remember, this was 1988!

"Life in the modern world has a new anxiety these days... just as we've become totally dependent on our computers they are being stalked by saboteurs!"