Thursday, June 25, 2009

Michael Jackson 1958-2009

Cueing up track one from the Thriller album right now- Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'. Untouchable. It is indisputable that the man made some wonderful music. One of my earliest, if not THE earliest memory of me using my parent's record player was throwing this LP on. I was very young... I didn't even know you could lift up the needle to cue any song on the record. Messing around with the Technics home stereo, I thought with the turntable, you had to just listen to an entire record from the outside in. Needless to say, I had to be patient to get to the title track (last cut on Side A). I must have been no older than five-years-old.

The point of my little rant here is that, from the very beginning, Michael Jackson's classic records were there to fuel my infatuation with music. So many households have had these records passed down through a generation or two at this point, bringing countless people some great entertainment. That's what it's all about. So, play some of those stellar records tonight, and enjoy them. That's what I'll be doing.

And as for the hip hop influence, nobody can ever front on this. Human nature, baby.

"You might as well be a singer but ain't harmin' Nas / harmonize"

This mp3 was originally snagged from Konstant Kontact blog. Aka, special thanks to Stretch Armstrong!

Don't forget about this one. If you haven't heard it, give it a listen!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Evil In The Mirror Is Coming! Pre-Orders Available at Undergound Hip Hop!

The good folks at Underground Hip Hop have made Evil In The Mirror, my debut album, available for Pre-Order on their site!  Check it out HERE.  This is probably the first place where you can check out the press release info behind the album, so please take a moment to peep it and leave a positive comment if y'all don't mind.  Snippets to follow in the near future.  

You get TWO EXCLUSIVE bonus CDs if you cop from UGHH, so this is a good deal right here.  More info on these 2 CDs at the bottom of this post.

Oh yeah, and since they got it up, I think now's a good time to post the album cover.  

Gawk this way.

Special thanks... no... EXTREME thank you to KARMA, as well as Jeff @ GLP Creative on the artwork and photography tip.  

And remember, remember- Losers b/w Synthetic Genetics single up on Itunes, Rhapsody, Emusic, Amazon, and all digital networks July 7th.  You KNOW I'll do a post on it on that date... I don't play.

Album dropping worldwide July 21st.  

Here's the track list:

1. Frog Among Queens

2. It Ain’t The 80s

3. Water Ice (With A Gaseous Center)

4. Alternate Earth

5. Infinite Hourglass

6. Synthetic Genetics Feat. Esoteric

7. Zodiac Extension

8. Trainspotting

9. The Places

10. Be Yourself Syndrome

11. Uncle Owen (Extended Re-edit)

12. Recurring Dream

13. Losers

14. Evil In The Mirror

...More info to follow as the date approaches...

* 2 UGHH Exclusive Bonus CDs * 

Clear View Mirror 

"At the heart of Evil In The Mirror is its source material. The nucleus, the back drops that inspire the lyrics. When carefully arranged and selected, countless stacks of record LPs, cassettes, 45s, and VHS tapes* hopefully become a finished product with my signature stamp on it. Before there was Evil In The Mirror, there was a Rock album here, an Exotica record there... Folk, Jazz, Space Age Pop, Disco, Funk... all sorts of records being selected, if only slightly 'by random.' Some because they have interesting covers, others because they're cheap, and still others, for example, because a coworker felt compelled to lend me a Country Moog record for the hell of it. Top all of that off with those odd days spent tip-toeing into rooms to snag records I'm STILL not supposed to lay a finger on (at 22... really??!!) and the result is the adventure that became Evil In The Mirror. 

Clear View Mirror is the stripped down companion to Evil. The small bits of music, the diamonds in the rough that made it onto my MPC and into Pro Tools. Here they are, unprocessed- no EQ, no pitch bend, nothing. There's a lot of material on here I really enjoy as is, before I either flipped them or ruined them, depending on how you want to look at it. Compiled from a great deal of selections, Clear View actually clocks in at a slightly longer run time than Evil. Go figure. Check it out.

* (and let's be honest, DVDs too... shit ain't always analog)"

Evil In The Mirror Instrumentals

"I never noticed you can hear a guy mumbling something backwards quietly in the Infinite Hourglass sample! Is that a robot speaking German underneath the Synthetic Genetics beat? Maybe if Will C. shut up once in awhile and stopped speaking so much nonsense over the beat, I'd be able to hear these intricacies.

Now, with the bonus Evil In the Mirror Instrumentals CD, Will C. is finally muted, allowing the listener to hear all of this and more!

Disclaimer: Artist does not actually think listener cares."

New Ain't It Good To You Interview

An interview I recently did with my boy DJ Dee-Ville at Ain't It Good To You just went live (or did it go evil?).  Check it out HERE. His blog is dope and his knowledge of the music runs very deep, so if you haven't already, you might want to bookmark his page.  

Will-C - Boston Public

It's time to throw a spotlight on a new artist. Will-C steps straight outta the shining Hip Hop beacon of Boston. I caught up with him for a little interview and promo drop of his new single. Will-C is a rapper and producer like no other, a man with forsight and perspective beyond his years. Blessed with a rapid fire flow and authentic heartfelt lyrics, Will's debut album 'Evil In The Mirror' (July 27th, Brick Records) delivers a breath of fresh air over a dry musical desert.

At What Age Did You Fall In Love With Hip Hop?

I'd say in 6th grade. Prior to that, it had been a love / hate type thing. I was still young when my brother Eli started getting heavily into Hip Hop. While I was dubbing cassettes of the 'Return of the Jedi' soundtrack, the latest Ice Cube record was coming through the walls, rattling my gold spray-painted tee-ball trophies. It would piss me off!

What Are Your Influences As An artist?

Initially, Influences stemmed from the music I listened to in my teens, just wanting to emulate anybody from the Golden Era. These days, inspiration can mess me up. I'm a man of extremes and I'm hard on myself. I want to contribute something new and invigorating for others. If that ain't happening on a given day, I take an L, which feels a lot worse than anybody else on this planet trying to hand me one.

Whats Up With You And Brick Records?

My first year in Boston, I was tripping over my own feet, scrambling around trying to find all these people I look up to, attempting to somehow get a foot in the door. That's when I got introduced to Raydar Ellis, he just recorded a single with Esoteric and Ed OG for Brick. He brought me over and my relationship with the label blossomed from there. 

Do You Prefer To Rhyme Or Produce?

Rhyming came first, and the rest followed, partially out of necessity, sometimes YOU gotta make it happen. With production, it's wonderful to have creative control. Truthfully, I always loved the idea of being in a group, but something like that never came together. The result is over the years, I learned how to become self sufficient. 

What Would You Like To Achieve In Your Recording Career?

Ultimately I want a body of work that I can always respect and be proud of. I don't like to compromise my music, I want it to be what I intend it to be, without modifying it out of a fear of being too abrasive or too left-field. It would be nice if there are some people who will connect with it emotionally, because as a listener, that has always been a special thing for me, to feel empathy and be able to relate with the artist. 

Who Is The Greatest Rapper Of All Time?

My standard answer is Rakim. This probably isn't the common choice from his catalogue, but I usually list 'Let the Rhythm Hit 'Em' as my all-time favorite album. Large Professor and Rakim, that's all I need to say. When I was listening to my headphones in the passenger seat of my Mom's car and got to 'No Omega' for the first time, my face melted.

Is Hip Hop Dead?

I'll rock a "Hip Hop Sucks Because Of You" t-shirt any day of the week, but you wouldn't catch me wearing anything saying Hip Hop is dead. A lot of people make a mockery of this music and culture, but as long as I'm looking forward to albums from other people doing this, then it's alive and kicking for me. Honestly, the phrase became annoying to me. It's gets under your skin. It's Hip Hop's "Got Milk?"

Talk A Little About The New Single

The underlying message on the 'Evil In The Mirror' album is that there are two ways to look at things. On Losers, I begin by firing off my grievances with the world around me. The curveball is that the finger pointing quickly turns into a more self-reflective realization that I might be the one who's got it wrong.


I chose 'Synthetic Genetics' to be the b-side of 'Losers' to further execute an idea of unexpected juxtapositions. The two tracks are completely different from one another. Losers is derived from a folk track, while Synthetic Genetics is as far from an unplugged sound as you can get. While Losers clocks in at an 85 BPM, Synthetic Genetics shifts into overdrive at 115. Esoteric came through and destroyed it with his verse. I truly think of him as one of Hip Hop's most gifted minds. Last year we teamed up on Wrestlelectro off his Esoteric Vs. Japan album, and it was very important to me that we continue to bring things to new heights every time we collaborate. 

Synthetic Genetics Feat. Esoteric

Holla at Will-C over here and here

Monday, June 22, 2009

TGI... M?

Monday isn't looking so bad today.  Sure, it's raining here, but we can deal with that.  I got a couple emails this morning that started things off on the right foot, beginning with a notification that the man himself, Spyder D, had stopped through the blog and left a comment.  I got a little nervous at first, because if it was a negative comment, that would be a total bummer.  There's nothing worse than a hip hop icon sonning you.

Thankfully, it was a positive and informative comment.  Spyder was kind enough to contribute some knowledge regarding the "Magic's Message" 12" from Posse Records.  Anybody who's been reading this blog since it began will recall that I kicked things off with a week of Mr. Magic related posts, with post # 4 being about "Magic's Message."  You can check it out HERE if you missed it.  Previously, I had only talked with Mr. Magic and Fly Ty about this record, but here's what Spyder has to say:

"This is Spyder D. Thanks for the mention. For the record, Patrick Adams played all keyboards that I didn't on this track. I programmed the drums, and did the original vocals as it was supposed to be my single. Profile, for some inexplicable reason, turned it down. (A sring of beefs I had with them), so I went to Juice since I knew he was not at BLS at the time. He and Ty thought it might help get them back on top, and I believe it had a lot to do with him getting his gig back, since rival Kiss FM started playing this single immediatley."

Very cool stuff.  Once again, thanks for the knowledge, Spyder!

Another plus is that Fatlace Magazine is getting the info out there about my upcoming album and single with THIS post.  Good looking out, guys!

Stay tuned for some new stuff this week...

Friday, June 19, 2009

Prioritizing with Joey's Theme / Joey's Dream

This is probably the greatest example of why I shouldn't have video editing software in my possession-

Let's take a look at my priorities check list:

1. Synch a new beat with footage from an obscure and questionable Eighties flick- CHECK

2. Properly promote my debut single and album with street dates that are right around the corner- X

Well, that's one down.  I got this.  

Anybody who can tell me what movie this is will be a hero in my book.  

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

"Losers" Single Available July 7th!

"Losers", the lead single off my debut album, "Evil In The Mirror", will be available July 7th on Brick Records!  It will be available for purchase worldwide on Itunes, Rhapsody, Emusic, Amazon, and all major digital retail spots.  Below is the press release and two selections from the single, "Losers" and "Synthetic Genetics", the latter featuring Esoteric. You will notice there are two small dropouts on each track, one with me stating the release date of the album, and the other being somewhat nonsense dialogue.  This is because each track is a promotional only version. You lose approximately 15-20 seconds tops on each song (gotta give you an incentive to buy the full versions!).  This is standard procedure, but just figured I'd explain it for anybody caught off guard by this. 

Losers Single Digi Flyer

Losers (Promo Version) -



Synthetic Genetics 

Feat. Esoteric (Promo Version) -  

The debut single from upstart producer/lyricist Will C., "Losers" 

is a glimpse into the duality in subject matter that will permeate 

many concepts found on his upcoming (July 21st) full length 

"Evil In The Mirror."  What begins as an attack on the world 

around the artist ("You're all losers..."), the track takes an ironic 

and unexpected turn when cliche and tiresome finger-pointing 

suddenly transforms into a self-reflective realization ("Maybe I'm 

the loser...").  In his own words, 

"The more I was honest with my own identity, including strengths 

AND weaknesses, the more fulfilling making music started to 

become.  If I had made a track only firing off my grievances with 

other people and bitching, it would be a tired concept you've 

already heard hundreds of times.  That's not me.  I'm confidence 

backed with paranoia.  I'm respectable, but I can also be a 

complete dick.  I want all sides of me to find their way onto 

record, and I'm hoping it makes a track like 'Losers' a lot more 

satisfying and unique for the listener." 

"Losers" is juxtaposed with its seemingly opposite counterpart, 

"Synthetic Genetics," an uptempo sonic tour-de-force that 

features one of hip hop's most skilled lyricists, producers and 

gifted minds, Esoteric.  Together, the two further display the 

chemistry that made "Wrestlelectro" and “Heroic Trio” (Both 

songs appearing on last year’s Esoteric Vs. Japan: Pterodactyl 

Takes Tokyo album) so potent.  

Exclusive to this digital single are the non-album cuts            

"Zodiac Extension Pt. 2" and "Losers (Remix)." 

For fans of 7L & Esoteric, Madlib, Edan, Insight, Raydar Ellis

1 Losers (Clean) 

2 Losers (Dirty) 

3 Losers (Instrumental) 

4 Synthetic Genetics Feat. Esoteric (Clean) 

5 Zodiac Extension Pt. 2 (Clean) - Digital Single Exclusive 

6 Synthetic Genetics Feat. Esoteric (Dirty) 

7 Synthetic Genetics (Instrumental) 

8 Losers (Remix - Clean) - Digital Single Exclusive 

9 Losers (Remix - Dirty)  - Digital Single Exclusive 

10 Losers (Remix - Instrumental)  - Digital Single Exclusive 

11 Losers (A Capella) 

12 Synthetic Genetics Feat. Esoteric (A Capella) 

Rox-and Roxanne... Just When You Thought It Was Over


Today I got a little inspired when I was checking out Fatlace Magazine and saw that once again they are killing it, scooping up all the Roxanne battle records known to mankind.  It appears that they have almost completed their saga, which is extremely commendable when we're talking about vinyl and not MP3s.  I figured now's the time for me to reach into my drawers... wait, that sounds a little questionable... reach into my archives and post up a couple goodies.  To the Fatlace crew, you know I'll be hitting you up tonight, not on some "look what I got" shit, but more on some "let's hold hands and archive a saga" steeze.  Scratch that, this miniscule contribution can't touch what they got.  Here's the goods:

Roxanne Shante and Fly Ty Update From Studio 54- March 16, 1985

This one came off a Rap Attack (2nd WHBI era) tape dated March 16, 1985.  Yeahhhh babay!  I'm so happy this tape survived over the years.  A young and (of course) confident Shante giving us the scoop on the evening alongside Fly Ty.  Shante says "Studio 54, what a bore," but becomes a better sport when Ty asks her if she's having a good time. 

"Yes I enjoyed it, you know they paid me to say that, right?"


Starrlite- Watch Out Roxanne (Previously Unreleased... I think)-

I found this at the end of a Mr. Magic Rap Attack tape that came from Mr. Magic's personal collection, dated Wednesday, January 16, 1985Starrlite used to run the Juice Crew fan club and taped a great deal of the tapes that Magic let me check out.  If her voice sounds vaguely familiar, you are recognizing it from Force Desire's record, "Jazzy Keith," on which she rhymes.  While the "Jazzy Keith" track was released as a Profile 12", it was also featured on the Street Sounds Hip Hop 18 compilation.  "Watch Out Roxanne," however, I don't think ever saw the light of day.

So, check this out, as some added incentive to my Fatlace buddies, not that you need the added motivation, but you know.... when you complete the saga, I got a couple more very rare Shante goodies that I'll put up on the blog.  Hopefully you'll appreciate them as much as I do, but I don't want to get you guys too amped for something that ain't worthy.  Word.

One more thing- in regards to the Elease the Original Roxanne "The Real Deal" record up on Fatlace.  While I'm not familiar with that record, here's Elease's story as I understand it.  Forgive me if I'm stating the obvious here or am blatantly wrong. Elease Jack was the first The Real Roxanne.  She is the female emcee rapping on the Select Records Roxanne with UTFO record "The Real Roxanne."  At the age of 14 she met B-Fine of Full Force outside of The Funhouse which led to the creation of "The Real Roxanne" record.  Since Jack was so young, I have been told that label relations with Select fell through quickly, and as a result, Full Force reached out to another female performer, Adelaida Martinez, to become The Real Roxanne.


UTFO, Full Force, and the Martinez would then film the video for “Roxanne Roxanne,” with Martinez appearing in the video as the object of the group’s affection.  Martinez is the lady who went on to have future singles and albums as The Real Roxanne (Bang Zoom, self titled LP, Go Down But Don't Bite It, etc).  Keep in mind some of my story is sparse and pieced together through myspace claims, so I could have just flexed false knowledge.  Let's hope not!  Fatlace, SchoOoOooOl me!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Future Classic Summer Loft Party Feat. Pharcyde, Raydar Ellis, Will C. (Saturday!)

Time for a little show plugging... saturday night, if you're in the area, check it out!

"Future Classic is taking the party to Cape Cod this year with Summer Loft Parties every Saturday at Pufferbellies beach-side Entertainment Complex in Hyannis. For the Grand Opening Future Classic & UGHH are bringing you Fatlip & Slimkid3 of the Pharcyde for an exclusive New England DJ set! Brick Records will also be in the house with sets by Raydar Ellis & Will C. along with Future Classic's own DJ Stenny. It all goes down next Saturday, 6/13 @ Pufferbellies from 10PM to 1AM / 18+ to party / 21+ to drink / $12.00 for advance tickets / $20.00 at the door. Summer is almost here, so get a head start!"

Start Time:
Saturday, June 13, 2009 at 10:00pm
End Time:
Sunday, June 14, 2009 at 1:00am
183 Lyannough Rd.
Hyannis, MA