Sunday, April 19, 2009

They're Notorious - R.S.O. Crew Relics

One of the great things about living in Boston is there are some great records shops.  A lot of times, you can come across some pretty cool stuff.  Of course, you have a better chance here more than anywhere else at finding some Boston classics.  Talk about an obvious statement there.  Still, all the good hip hop stuff is scarce.  Prices usually suck... going to a record store in '09 to "collect" can pretty much suck.  I've been steering clear of it for awhile now, strictly adhering to grabbing stuff at Good Wills for a buck to hopefully find good material to sample.  

Every once in awhile though, it's a fun time to go see what's lurking out in those shops in the hip hop section.  Looney Tunes on Boylston and Mass Ave knows what's up.  They've let me squeeze myself into some crevices I'm not sure how I got into, and I've unearthed some good stuff when doing so.  Plus, if you catch the right dude to price them, you don't get taken for a ride.  Here's a little something that was around one of those twists and turns.

  The Almighty R.S.O. Crew-  legendary and feared.  I won't go on about their history, because chances are you probably know it, and I'm also not the guy to be telling it... I missed that era in Boston.  Above is an acetate pressing of their single from 1988, "We're Notorious / Time to Relax / Def Jeff."  The actual picture cover is incredible... the crew standing in Cambridge near MIT campus, with Boston in the background.  

Anyways, I'll fill out this rant with some audio.  Here's a pretty clean copy of their "The Greatest Show On Earth" 12" from 1986 on Boot Records.  Actually, the record was sealed and only opened for this post... is that a waste? GulLlllllllLLl

The Greatest Show On Earth (Vocal)

The Greatest Show On Earth (Remix Instrumental)

Here's a ridiculously great track from their 1987 Boot Records "We'll Remember You" 12"...

Call Us The All-

The "Call Us The All" audio came from Esoteric's "The Seamus Test" compilation, not straight from the 12".  Let's trace it back... I'm SURE it came from the straight vinyl from either Eso or 7L's collection, so the only difference here is the "A Bronx Tale" dialogue piece at the beginning... can't knock that movie though!  

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