Sunday, April 26, 2009

Top Billin' (Will C. "Atom Heart Mirror" Video Remix)

Here's a Top Billin' remix I put together recently for the summertime.
Wish I could have found a higher quality copy of the video, but unfortunately it's a tough one to come by.

Audio Two- Top Billin' (Will C. "Atom Heart Mirror" Video Remix)-

Check below for exclusive behind the scenes footage from inside C's Section, showcasing the creation of this remix.
Also, download the higher quality audio MP3 of the remix below fo' free.
Will is chillin'
Inside C's Section- Will C. Top Billin' Remix MPC Chop (Vimeo is Higher Quality Version)-

Audio Two- Top Billin' (Will C. "Atom Heart Mirror" Remix)- 320 MP3-
As for why it's called the "Atom Heart Mirror" Remix... well, besides the play on the Pink Floyd album title, it's a little foreshadowing regarding my upcoming project. More info to follow in the near future!

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  1. Love the remix. Never heard melody put to such a rhythm-ful song. Link doesn't work tho. Would love to have it.