Saturday, April 11, 2009

Mr. Magic Week # 6 (Saturday)- "Butchy B Reppin' Hard"

Just like the Roxanne Wars, but not nearly to the same extent, there were a handful of "random" disses being thrown around during The Bridge Wars. Everyone's up on (and possibly even sick of hearing) BDP's "The Bridge Is Over" and Shan's "Kill That Noise." Some aren't random, you just don't hear them as much. A perfect example is Poet's "Beat You Down," which got many spins on the Rap Attack. Two standout tracks from this battle are MC Mitchski's "Brooklyn Blew Up The Bridge" on the BDP side, and Butchy B's "Go Magic" on the WBLS side.

I'd say Butchy B's "Go Magic" is the least mentioned out of the titles I just listed, so I decided to put a spotlight on it on this lazy Saturday. Check it out

Butchy B- "Go Magic (Radio)"

This is a pretty tough 12" to come by. It's actually more of an EP. Honestly, don't waste your time trying to get your hands on it though... "Go Magic" is the highlight. The only other track you might want to seek out is "Beatin Down KRS" on the B-side for curiosity's sake. When I showed Magic the record, he lit up... it had been so long since he heard it that he had forgot all about it. He said he used to play it all the time, but was NEVER aware it came out on record. I'm not sure what they were playing it off of though.

There was no way I was putting out "Down The Dial" without putting this Butchy B cut on there. I decided to do a couple blends with it. The "Down The Dial" version is below

"Go Magic" (From "Down The Dial")

I wish there was an instrumental to Ultramagnetic MCs' "Delta Force One." That's one of my all time favorite beats. I love how the beat even has Ced Gee's voice in the background basically the entire time saying "HELLO! Ced Gee, the champion!" It's the best.

Probably the most ironic thing I did on my re-edit of the track: I wanted to make sure the line "said it for the record, let the bullshit cease" was NOT edited. The 12" is the radio version, so it gets taken out. I had to pull it off an actual radio show. Shouldn't it have been edited on WBLS though? Haha so the record is the edited version, but the Rap Attack radio rip is balls out. Classic

Once again, if you like what you hear, you can cop "Down The Dial" here- Underground Hip Hop

Oh, and to keep the theme of my posts constantly going on tangents or off topic, here's a clip from the Rap Attack from September 4th, 1987, where Biz Markie and Roxanne Shante are stopping by...

September 4th, 1987- Biz and Shante at WBLS

Here's some classic clips from the 1986 Dutch VPRO Documentary "Big Fun In The Big Town." At 1:50 into the first one you can see some rare footage of Magic and Marley up at WBLS.

The second clip has Biz and Shante doing "Def Fresh Crew" at 4:20


  1. Looks like he was cuttin' with the studio board in that video which is pretty insane.

  2. Yeah, I think that's what was going on for at least the earlier Rap Attacks. Got a new respect for Marley Marl now, huh? Haha

  3. Had this bookmarked to come back to and finally did....

    I ran into that Butchy B - Beatdown KRS on mp3 last year, and your right, I wasn't aware of it until then. It's not the greatest cut in the world, but still entertaining for it's historical significance.

    Thanks for posting this stuff up, it's historic.