Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Will C. - "Heroes and Villains"

This is a promo track I did for Coffee Break For Heroes and Villains not too long ago -

"I stand alone with no Uman
perched above a church's dome in Rome ruins
a far cry from coast to coast ruling
and a long way from oaks in rows soothing
most they don't listen to words, some regret it
consume the text or techs, son dissect it
a monsoon of bullets or bars fused and leaded
to carve tomb's few letters"

Check out the full lyrics here -

I stand alone with no Uman
perched above a church's dome in Rome ruins
a far cry from coast to coast ruling
and a long way from oaks in rows soothing
most they don't listen to words, some regret it
consume the text or techs, son dissect it
a monsoon of bullets or bars fused and leaded
to carve tomb's few letters
I was sittin' on a barstool, spirits high, sober
in a town full of heroes and villains seekin' Noah
need to get a record played ain't see no chauffeur
so my brains my motor to the station's soldier
saw a Lolita print greeting me
'FMU so get tuned to the frequency
stand or fall but if we all take a break
pour some awesome joe and be forced to relate
to the pro in the zone he'll warp designs
and distort war thoughts from a porcelain mind
make it shine, take it - back to being - pure no evil
except for my record Mirror me Back, the sequel - scrapped
and now listen, we got the Prism
see ahead like C is binocular vision
seeming to mock the dissin people accosting him
and even embossing "Will C." into a box set tin
... isn't ... enough

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

"Coffee Break For Heroes and Villains" News + Will C. Appearance From 07.23.09

(Will C., left, KARMA, right, @ Coffee Break For Heroes and Villains [WFMU], NJ, 07.23.09)

And now for some good news in the rap world. Coffee Break For Heroes and Villains, one of the best rap radio shows out there , will continue on. Noah Uman, the show's creator, has spent the past 7+ years broadcasting his program via New Jersey-based WFMU. Recently he moved to Nashville, but he's decided that won't mean the end of Coffee Break -

Noah's a friend of mine. His enthusiasm for hip hop and all of the music he loves has led him to achieving many great things in the music world and "industry." I'm glad he's going to be keeping a good thing going. There's enough good things hip hop has lost already.

(Will C. DJing @ Coffee Break For Heroes and Villains [WFMU], NJ, 07.23.09)

Back in 2009, when Evil in the Mirror had just come out, KARMA and I were guests on Noah Uman's WFMU show Coffee Break For Heroes and Villains. It was a very memorable time. Everybody was in great spirits, I DJd a set and we all had some great conversations on and off mic. On the way home, we stopped in CT for a Blacastan photo shoot that wound up producing the cover of Blac Sabbath. That was a fun weekend.

Will C. and KARMA @ Coffee Break, 07.23.09 -

Here's some more info on the current fate of Coffee Break for Heroes and Villains:

“Since I moved out of New Jersey, I didn’t make it to the WFMU schedule this time around, maybe next season. I figured instead of me not doing the show at all, I might as well try another route. I’ve put a lot of hard work into it over the years. From making physical flyers, t-shirts, setting up a website, basic online promotions, to booking all the guests as well. I shouldn’t let not being on a radio schedule stop me from doing what I love. The decision to re-launch the show via social networking sites is the best move at the moment as far as getting the word out there, let’s keep our fingers crossed, and give it a shot!”

The weekly 3 hour show spent it’s time playing forgotten gems, influential records or groups from throughout the history of rap music, as well as showcasing unsigned up-and-comers and the latest in independently released hip-hop.

Noah's going to be uploading the show at the same time each Wednesday evening at 8pm (East Cost Time).

Monday, December 12, 2011

Dollar Bin Revenge

On a trip to any used record store (at least here in America), you're more than likely to see a Captain & Tennille record in the bins. There's certain artists or records that are so abundant in used record shops that they become ingrained in your mind. Chuck or Gap Mangione is another example. Usually they get skipped right over. They're so abundant, and for those looking for the next great sample to flip, their covers don't always exactly shout out "let's do this."

But we all know we can't just judge a book by it's cover, or music by a visual. So, today is a little dollar bin revenge. Let's take a look at just a few of some of the finest offerings from those pictured above.

Boys With Toys -

Diana in the Autumn Wind -

As for the Captain, well, he's the man in my book too. He was a member of The Beach Boys' band in the early 70s. You can see him with the signature hat on in this performance -

How's this for a story... Originally shared on the Smiley Smile Message Board by none other than Stephen W. Desper, a very important figure in The Beach Boys history. Desper worked as the engineer for The Beach Boys' recordings in the latter period of the Sixties and early Seventies. He also was an artist on some of the Beach Boys records playing and working the Moog, and he toured with them as a sound engineer on the road as well. He shared this excellent story about Daryl Dragon aka The Captain in 2006 -

"He is quite a fellow. Very Very Smart. He gained my respect in the studio right away. Fantastic at the keyboard. Can play any song in any style. I've watched him transpose from key to key in mid-stream. Just call out the key and he can play completely written out chord sheets in any key.

The old MOOG's had DC controlled keyboards. One day Bruce (Johnston), Daryl and I were in the studio doing some MOOG things. Bruce and I were challanging Daryl to play some very hard things so I wondered if he could take, what I thought would be the ultimate challenge. I took the MOOG keyboard and inverted the keys. That is, starting at the left were the highest notes on down to the right for the lowest notes. Completely reversed.

As you know the keyboard has black and white notes that are the half-note steps. Now when you invert the keyboard, the gaps between the white and black notes, being irregular, does not translate in the flipover. In fact nothing makes any sense. I did the keyboard flp and Bruce tried his hand -- total failure. Then Darly tried and I knew why they call him "Capt. Keyboard." He could play any sheet music on the first pass WITH THE KEYBOARD INVERTED !! It was an absolutly insane accomplishment. He said it was all mathamatics to him -- like the key changes. But still, I've never seen anything like that demonstration since.

His wife is equally talented. I've recorded her and she usually does all singing on the first take. Once in a great while you will need a second take, but not much. She is a fabulous studio singer. No punch-in's are required.

They are both lovely people and a pleasure to be with."

Out of control. Here's one more to close out. Dragon aka The Captain AKA "Rumbo" with Dennis Wilson from a 1970 7" -

So, there you have it. Dollar bin revenge. Perhaps now after reading this you'll never look at those particular artists the same way ever again. More likely, however, is that you'll just feel like The Captain is gazing into your soul every time he makes his never failing cameo appearance in that local record bin near you. Blame me.

Side note, Blogger is terrible. Sorry for the switched up font sizes. I'll be switching over to a new design soon!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Was December 1980 One Of The Worst Months In Music History?

Sitting here thinking about how early December 1980 was an awful time for music. Earlier when I was listening to the radio I heard people calling in requesting John Lennon tracks, as it is the 31st anniversary of his passing today.

He passed on the 8th. Just three days earlier on the 5th, The Beach Boys appeared on Good Morning America, and it's a tough one.

"Dennis, ya know, has been out for days on end partying and he can't hold himself up on the couch. He's falling into Carl's lap and he's smoking. And the smoke from his cigarette is wafting across the table and right up under Mike Love's face. And when they pan over to Mike, you can just see him seething."

- Jon Stebbins, author of Dennis Wilson: The Real Beach Boy

Here's the full interview, unfortunately in much lesser quality -

Maybe a lot of good things happened in December 1980 too. Technically I haven't done any research aside from view one Beach Boys youtube video and hear John Lennon songs on the radio today. Let me find out Blondie's Rapture came out that month.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

New Boycott Blues - "Believe" Video

Peep the new video by the man Boycott Blues. One of the greatest lyrical displays I've heard in a long time. Actually just one of the best rap songs I've heard in a long time.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Tupac Rave

So, apparently that Smile box set came out and I dropped off the face of the earth... sounds about right.

There will be a lot of stuff to talk about and post about in the very near future, for sure. Just revamping a couple things for the end of the year, then it's on.

For now, get a load of... Tupac Rave! The Good Life is putting together one hell of a night for New Years Eve, and they had me put together a video to promote it. I'm not exactly sure what the night will be like, but check it out here -

Friday, October 21, 2011

Brian Wilson Reveals Light Up Smile Box Set

Here's Brian Wilson of The Beach Boys showing the amateurs how it's done. Gotta love the virtual handshake at the end.

"I think it lights up..."

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Who is this Filling In For Magic? From Early 1985

Hold up... I need your help. From the same tape that's labeled January 23rd, 1985 comes a portion of a show where there is a guest filling in for Mr. Magic. The question is, who is it? Anybody know? Could be obvious to some, but sometimes I just don't know these things. I hear Starchild on the mic, but he's not the main personality hosting the show. I dig how he has his own sign off, over New Edition's Is This The End -

We want you to keep the faith, keep the juice, and never judge a man until you've walked a mile in his shoes, okay? Peace, love and happiness, and may the juice be with you. Ciao.

Magic Fill-In Host with Starchild - Early 1985 -

Magic's Fill-In Host Signing Off - Early 1985 -

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Mr. Magic Disses The Real Roxanne - January 23rd, 1985

Another killer moment here. After wrapping up a block of Roxanne wars records, debuting the Roxanne Shanté Vs. Sparky Dee - Round 1 12", Magic manages to throw a couple verbal jabs in the direction of The Real Roxanne.

Mr. Magic: I can't wait to see that battle. I guess The Real Roxanne is not even included in this battle. I guess as they say, that's show biz. Meanwhile, that about raps things up for yours truly, Super Rockin' Mr. Magic, until I return to burn this coming Saturday night... starts at 2 o'clock in the AM. Anyone driving in their car please proceed with a little extra safety and care. Super listeners, whenever you do your homework, always do it as Fly Girl Shante does it, do it to the best of your ability and also remember that persistence ALWAYS overcomes resistance, and any fool can learn from his own mistakes, but it takes a wise man... a wise guy like you to learn from the mistakes made by others. Quick reminder, be yourself or you might find yourself by yourself, and... that's what happened to the Real Roxanne... so sorry.

(laughter in the studio)

For the entire Juice Crew, I am of course Mr. Magic. Special thank you to my engineer all star Marley Marl and Fly Ty Will on the vibe line.

Poetry right there.

Mr. Magic 01.23.1985 Sign Off with Real Roxanne dis -

Friday, October 14, 2011

Stetsasonic Call Into Awesome 2 Show // Awesome 2 Sign Off - February 1987

Great spontaneous moment here. The whole Stetsasonic crew call into The Awesome 2 show to let them know they're listening.

Stetsasonic Call into Awesome 2 Show // Awesome 2 Sign Off - Feb '87 -

- Hello you're live, the Awesome 2

- Yo this is Daddy-O from the Stet, yo we got the whole Stet posse in the place to be man (the rest chime in)

- Brooklyn in effect, huh?

- What's happenin' fellas, big things is happening with y'all

- We're getting ready to go out on tour with LL, Whodini, Public Enemy, Eric B, Doug Fresh, the whole posse man, we're going RAMBO man, taking the Brooklyn show on the road.

- Now didn't we say things was gonna be kicking live?

- Oh yeah, most definitely man, we know you were always in our corner, that's why we in y'alls

- Believe that

- Word Up


- Stet posse wants to say peace to everybody in the world. We out here man, and we're always pushing for the Awesome 2. Stamping out all gay people in radio!

Yowsah. The conversation is followed by a little Ultra Magnetic M.C.'s Mentally Mad blend as the 2 sign off. The girl you here is Tara, who was shouted out earlier in the show for helping handle the phone lines. Apparently somebody called in trying to say they were LL Cool J, looking to shout out E Love.

- To the kid who called and told me he was LL Cool J and wanted to say hello to E Love... have a better imitation next time.

- Believe that!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Love Rap / The New Rap Language Test Press - Ebay

Forgot to mention this earlier in the week. Recently, when I realized I couldn't get to an item that was jammed between a stack of albums, a projector, my laundry and a cardboard box with unknown contents, I decided it was time to part with some of my goodies. Multiple copies ain't always where it's at. I got some vinyl up on Ebay, including this gem right here, a test pressing of Love Rap / The New Rap Language. Gad zooks! -

Also got some other crazy stuff like a sealed copy of Scott La Rock and the Celebrity Three Advance, Top Choice Clique The Powers In The Words EP, Rapmasters and DJ 2 (Beautiful Sounds) 12", the list goes on. Check it ALLLLLLLL out


Marley Marl Scratch (Early Version) and Roxanne Shante Rap Attack Interview - Jan or Feb 1985

Alright, so a couple early demos of Marley Marl Scratch dropped in recent years. That was something I had a hand in. To broaden the canvas and illustrate the context in which the first early version dropped, I wanted to share this excellent segment from early '85 on the Rap Attack. This demo has been noted as airing January 23rd, 1985, but upon closer examination, I'd have to say this was either that date or in the vicinity. The tape I have labeled January 23rd actually has audio from at least three Rap Attack shows, so sometimes it's impossible to decipher. This clip begins with Magic and Marley shifting out of Grandmaster Flash's Larry's Dance Theme and into the Shan demo. Immediately afterward, Roxanne Shante stops by the studio and lets the world know where she's been, where she's headed, and shares her thoughts on the up-and-coming rappers out there.

I hope they're good.

Magic and Roxanne rap about her newfound fame, her upcoming Soul Train appearance, and more, as the clock ticks toward four in the morning. Below is the full segment together, as well as the Roxanne segment by itself. Enjoy it...

Marley Marl Scratch - Early Demo Expanded - Roxanne Shante Rap Attack Interview - Jan or Feb '85 -

Roxanne Shante Rap Attack Interview - Jan or Feb '85 -

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Kool Skool Interview

Just the other day I was introduced to Shucks One over at The Kool Skool. Definitely a good dude! He interviewed me and asked a lot of quality questions. You can see where the conversations led if you click the following link:

"Without further ado, we introduce Will C., Modern Man or Breakbeat Machine of the Future?" - Shucks One