Thursday, April 16, 2009

In Control DVD in The Works?!? / Marley on the RAP!

Holy moly...

Check out this video!  This is like a dream come true to see that Marley has video footage of WBLS during the "In Control" era.  I really hope this potential DVD sees the light of day in a proper fashion.  I love how Marley's doing the commentary.  If this is expanded into a full length, I'll for sure be scoopin' up a copy.

In Control Radio Show DVD

Also, check this out... incredible.  It's Marley lip synching to his original version of "No Bullshit."  A totally reworked version of "No Bullshit" wound up on "In Control Volume 2,"  but I like this one better.  Most likely, by the time volume 2 was coming out, the "I'm Your Puppet" sample had popped up in enough places.  Not sure if I'm getting ahead of myself on dates of release, but what comes to mind is it  being used on Nice and Smooth's first album, Grand Daddy IU "Something New," and Marley's own track with Intelligent Hoodlum and Craig G, "Live and Direct From The House of Hits" within the same couple years.  I know at the beginning of the album version of "No Bullshit" you hear the "I'm Your Puppet" sample come in, then he says something like "brother's jacked that already."  You know what, instead of me rambling, I'll just post the album version of "No Bullshit" as well.  First, here's the link to the video:

No Bullshit (Video)

On another note, the version he's lip synching to is a little different from the rip I have from a Westwood radio show.  Different vocal take for sure.  He took a line he had dissing Magic out in this video version.  Alright, here's the album version (confusing enough?):

Marley Marly- "No Bullshit" (From In Control Volume 2)

Big ups to Hot Chillin', where they posted these videos!


  1. This is great. Make sure you post when it's actually released so I can cop it. I watched the video twice already.

  2. Will do! He's been switching up footage to that link as well, that's why I didn't comment too much on specifics to the video. A couple weeks ago it was totally different.

  3. Live and Direct is one of my favourite hip-hop tracks ever Will! Great post

  4. It's a good one! B-side of "Back To Reality" 12", am I right?