Thursday, April 14, 2011

Whodini "Funky Beat" - Original Rap Attack Exclusive Mix

Some more hip hop bliss for you today. Yesterday was fun checking out the mysterious early 1987 Master Ace joint. I wonder if any information will come to light regarding that one. Today, we have what is dubbed by Mr. Magic "the original funky beat." He states, "You can NOT hear this anywhere else. It is exclusively heard on the Mr. Magic Rap Attack, with Mr. Magic and Marley Marl. It's on WBLS, 107.5, in a class by itself." The dude was a company man, that's no doubt.

I've checked it out. Though I haven't played the original in a minute, I'm pretty sure it's engrained in my memory forever. That being said, I hear some alternate vocal takes and an additional bass line in places. I'm not noticing a whole lot else, but I could be blanking / overlooking something obvious for sure. What do you think?

Whodini - "Funky Beat" Original Rap Attack Exclusive Mix -

Whodini are one of the best hip hop group's ever, no debate. I don't gotta explain why, just watch -

Whodini SLAMMIN' THE RAP MAGAZINE 1991 Interview -

Amazing footage, I'm not exaggerating. Not every hip hop group could give an interview that is this entertaining. They gel so well:

2:48 in...

Ecstasy: We feel like, we still have expressions that we'd like to get across in our music and things we'd like to say. We plan to go out this summer and go out and tour with everybody, and show everybody the strength and the unity...


Ecstasy (Pointing to the camera): That's it baby.

Jalil: He didn't want to say it like that, did you... bust it, did you read the between the lines? The Strength...

Ecstasy, Jalil, Grandmaster Dee (in unison): AND THE UNITY!

Ecstasy: In fact, if we can be together for 10 years, and a lot of groups can't be together on a tour for 3 hours without things flaring, there's something wrong there. So, we have to be the ones to set and example and we've always been the ones. And even when we went on the first rap tour now, where there's a lot of egos, and the second rap tour, and we worked together and unified and made all those tours successful so that later on, other people would have opportunities to do that.


Jalil, meanwhile is affirming "Yeah," nodding as if he's like "yeah we did that shit." Grandmixer, aside from saying the word "unity" in unison with the group and beatboxing for the group to do a Slammin magazine rhyme routine, is relatively silent throughout. Once again, THIS is a rap group. All three are in harmony. Just look at their skills for the magazine routine. Professional level.

Here they are once again spreading a positive message -

Whodini News Special - Footage of group at Hyde Park High School In Chicago Speaking To Students -

The newscasters dialogue here is funny as hell. When they first cut to the group performing live, while the vocoder states "the freaks come out at night," the newscaster goes "unusual lyrics, to say the least."

Check out the footage of them speaking to the youth about the effects of crack and the video the anti-crack video they created.

When asked WHERE rap originated, Jalil answers, "from the heart."


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