Thursday, April 7, 2011

Stretch and Bobbito 01-02-1997 with Kool Herc (A-Side)

From the A-Side of a tape labeled 01-02-1997...

(Entire A-Side) -

(Kool Herc Section Only) -

This is a great show right here. Kool Herc calls into the show to talk to Bobbito and stays on the phone for a great deal of time, as they take in calls for people who have questions for Herc. Herc confirms this was his first time catching the show. Some highlights include:

- Kool Herc thinking Tim Westwood's name is Tim Eastwood.

- One caller saying to Bobbito with Kool Herc also on the line "When ya'll gonna play something man, some new shit man, it's '97 kid." Wow.

- Kool Herc doing a short rhyme, "...When push comes to shove, the Herculord won't budge!"

- Another caller saying to Herc that "Big Daddy Kane fell off" after Herc agrees that Rakim is better than him. Kool Herc is quick to respond "Quiet as it's kept man, they're coming back!" Finally, the caller asks Bobbito if Premiere is working on Rakim's new album. Stretch tells him "We'll find out Sunday."

- Recalling the first time he heard Stretch playing records, "I was in the back and this boy was... I THOUGHT IT WAS ME! Alright? Kool Herc back in the days doing his thing. I stepped to him and said, 'Yo brother, you're gonna go a far way man!'"

- Kool Herc recalling a time he was DJing on a boat and Coke La Rock passed him the Hues Corporation Rock The Boat. The people started actually rocking the boat and the captain had to tell him to take the record off.

Unfortunately this conversation gets cut off at the end of the side. Does anybody have a more complete version? Check out the audio, it's very exciting hearing Herc speak on all this stuff!

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