Wednesday, April 6, 2011

MC Shan - Beat Biter! World Premiere on the Rap Attack

(Above: MC Shan performing at Lee School, Boston, 1987)

As mentioned yesterday, here's a classic Mr. Magic moment. On a tape labeled March 28, 1986, we find the Rap Attack debuting MC Shan's Beat Biter! I absolutely consider this to be a legendary night in rap radio. It begins with Marley Marl going back and forth on the turntables between LL Cool J's original Rock The Bells and Marley / MC Shan's Marley Marl Scratch, drawing attention to the all too similar drum programming... Marley Marl Scratch having predated Rock The Bells. While Marley Marl speaks with his hands, Mr. Magic speaks with his booming voice in his infamously outspoken manner.

Mr. Magic: "LL Cool J is doing the wild thing, but uh, MC Shan has something to say about the Marley Scratch if you know what I mean."

(8:40 in) "Let the battle begin!!! It's brand new, it's called Beat Biter! Dedication to LL Cool J from MC Shan."

I love the way Magic announces the title of the brand new MC Shan track. "BEAT BITER!" I gotta dedicate this post to Jawn P of Top Choice Clique. I know Beat Biter is one of his all time favorite rap songs.

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