Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Ultramagnetic MCs - Freestyle on Capital Rap Show 1989

Quality material from Ultramag. Youtube has become a gold mine for gems. I can't explain how many times I fall into a bottomless pit getting linked to crazy shit on there -


  1. Wow I haven't heard this since it was on the air! Thanks bro. In case your interested here is a rare Moe Luv interview and Ultra unusual stuff:
    The Kool Skool Interviews -Ultramagnetic MC's ITCH FM Special *DJ Moe Luv in Session* Part1

    The Kool Skool Interviews - Ultramagnetic MC's ITCH FM Special *DJ Moe Luv in Session* Part2


  2. No problem man, thanks for hipping me to the Moe Luv interview. I'm going to have to check it out shortly! Maybe you'll enjoy the Master Ace post I just did as well!

  3. Sick! I have always been a huge Masta Ace fan! Never heard that Ace song.