Sunday, April 24, 2011

TONIGHT (SUNDAY) 8:30 - Will C. & BoyCott Blues on WTBU's Midnight Marauders

TONIGHT 04/24 I'll be stopping by WTBU's Midnight Marauders show with my main man Boycott Blues to promote this shindig -

It should be a good time tonight. Boycott Blues is one of the greatest talents coming out of Boston right now. If you've been hipped to him, I'm sure you're also anticipating his upcoming sophomore offering that should be out this year. If not, consider yourself hipped -

Blues also just got a shout out on Edo's new joint with Premier, Fastlane. This track is ill ("Boycott your music, like my boy Blues") -

You can check out the happenings and listen to the show HERE at 8:30 tonight - Look for the "Listen Live Now" in red on the left side.

By the way, if you missed the last time I was on Midnight Marauders in November of last year, check it out here:

Come out Friday for the Brick Records 15th Anniversary!

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