Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Rap Attack 03.21.1987 Highlights # 2 -Master Ace in Early '87

So... I've never heard this Master Ace song before. This is the highlight of the March 21st, 1987 tape I've been posting audio from. Have any of you heard this?? This is probably the earliest Ace song I've come across. You'll hear that the "this is a Rap Attack exclusive" drop play over the beginning of the track. Has this appeared anywhere else? Either way, it's dope! Enjoy!

Master Ace - Unreleased 1987 -

And here's another part of the show where the dub version gets a little play...

Master Ace - Unreleased 1987 (Dub Partial) -


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  1. Hi Will C - are you able to re-up this audio or email me it?

    Looks like all links for this rare track have been taken down.