Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Digable Planets = Timeless

I was working on some music with Anonymous the other day and we got in to talking a little bit about Digable Planets. What we agreed 100% on is how TIMELESS their music is. The track that we wound up talking the most about was this one right here -

New York is reddd hot! I feel like "timeless" really is the best word to use to describe the legacy of their work. You could put this track on today and it wouldn't sound the least bit dated. If you've heard this track a million times, just imagine you've never once listened to it. If I hadn't ever had the pleasure of hearing it and somebody told me it was a brand new rap album, I'd lose my mind! You really couldn't do that with the majority of rap classics. I'm not really sure why, but maybe it's this - when a release comes out and has such a heavy impact, there are countless imitators and the sound winds up getting done to death.

Maybe Digable Planets were just on a plane, doing something that wasn't easily carbon copied. The thick bass lines, elaborate productions and the overall vibe... it's a chemistry between three people doing their own thing and doing it well. They also knew exactly how to marry visuals to their music to portray their image. None of that is easy, so they stand out as being refreshingly unique, and I find myself lately going back to their work quite a bit. If you are a Pandora Radio user, try out "Digable Planets" radio... just don't get pissed when they play "Pacifics" as much as I do.

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