Monday, May 23, 2011

What is this Doug E. Fresh song? Unreleased or Overlooked?

What is this Doug E. Fresh song? Unreleased or Overlooked?

Here's the final excerpt from the August 11th, 1984 broadcast of the Rap Attack, and it's a keeper. Here is the world premiere for a then-brand-new Doug E Fresh record. The only catch is, I've never heard it until now. My question for you is… have YOU heard it?! It is quite possible that this is a more obscure release of Dougie's that I've overlooked, but I wasn't able to find a link to something like this on Discogs, so I'm not sure. Doug E. Fresh die hard fans, chime in on this one!

It was fun unearthing the Howard Park Masta Ace track a couple months back. It would be fun if this was another rarity from a hip hop legend, but it's quite possible this is something that's out there and I'm getting ahead of myself. To be determined…

One morning I had a dream / that I could make young ladies scream / by making musical sounds with my mouth, listen! / so I tried it at a party / and people didn't even know it was me / and when they finally saw me I heard a shout...

Doug E. Fresh - Possibly Unreleased Track -

Magic chimes in at the end...

It's brand new, it's Doug E. Fresh, heard first with Sir Juice, and my engineer all star said he wants to be a DJ. Sounds like a winner!


  1. He did those same lyrics on "I'm gettin ready" on his 2nd album. Dope!!

  2. Treats hearing these jams for the 1st time ever!
    The Master Ace & Action 'Howard Parks'is very good, shame never made the final cut back in 87'. The Doug E. Fresh is decent though not as outstanding as 'The Original Human Beat Box' or 'Just Havin' Fun' jams loved those from the Electro comps that we got over in the UK back in the 80s.

  3. Glad you guys are enjoying the joints!

  4. Wow, definitely a new one on me Will.
    Nice work. Thanks once again for all the good stuff you put up.

    And to Supreme, those Doug E joints were on Streetsounds Electro 6, that was the first one of the series that I owned, and it changed my life forever.
    Now those joints are featured on the gigantic 'Strictly Beatbox' compilation at
    The dopest human beatbox joints from the '80s.

    And Will, there's another Tanganyika joint on there (vol 3), I know you dug that Little Rox video homeboy (still can't believe it turned up myself)

  5. Good stuff Ric, thanks for the heads up about that Tanganyika stuff. That video was certainly exciting to see!!