Tuesday, May 17, 2011

991 Volts - 4 Unreleased Tracks

Just seen that there are four unreleased tracks from 991 Volts floating around on the internet. Each is quality, and as a whole they just might feature my favorite production I've heard coming from a 991 Volts release, no joke. It's a toss up between these and Champion of Love.

Check the line on No Gasface - "you may think this jam is just a bummer / just because we didn't use funky drummer / it's a shame it got played to death / over and over and nothing's left."

Bright Ideas definitely has a Greg Nice vibe going.

From Doing What We Gotta Do - "every single day of my life I catch flack .. but I won't forget where I'm from, some... do / one day, you'll get the cold shoulder too / 'cause you gotta pursue something brand new and you / can't do that with people holding you back ... / you must cut the slack" doing what we gotta do

You may know this group for having two of the more exceptional tracks from the entire B-Boy Records discography, 991 Volts of Noise and Time Will Tell. Later, they released a killer single on Mercury in 1989, Champion of Love. I never had the 12", but I always loved Champion of Love ... I had it on a tape from DJ Daze called Back in the Daze (anybody ever heard of this mix... it was on cassette).

Here's the Champion of Love video -

"I seen a couple of blazin' honeys just standing at the bus stop / had to send the vibe so I said 'yo baby, what's up!' / then one replied, 'I'm not your baby sugar' / I said I'm not your sugar you fucking stankin' booger!"

This rip of the video is a bit lower quality, but you can hear Ralph McDaniels at the beginning introducing it, calling them 9,1,1 Volts -

Here's their earlier tracks from their B-Boy Records single -

991 Volts - 991 Volts of Noise -

991 Volts - Time Will Tell -


  1. Thanks for sharing Will C! No Gas Face is my favourite but all those together would make a dope EP for the heads.

    ... so who will contact them to fix the project now?


  2. Good call, this definitely needs an official release!

  3. Prime here from 991 Volts. Thanks, much love shown here. Give me a few and I'll upload some more tracks to the youtube account. I have to convert them from cassette and 4 track. Later.