Monday, May 16, 2011

Wordsworth - Thanks For Coming Out

This is one of those tracks that was very much slept on when it came out and basically never heard from again. Wordsworth's "Thanks For Coming Out," produced by J Rawls. I believe I first heard it on the now defunct Art of Rhyme website (what up Joel) back in 2003 when it dropped. I immediately had to seek it out on vinyl. The damn shame here is that I haven't found any mention of this track since it appeared on Art of Rhyme all those years ago. While the A-Side, VA Slim AKA Audessey's "The Gusto," appeared on the CD/LP release "7 Heads R Better Than 1," "Thanks For Coming Out" appears to have only made an appearance on the b-side of the 12" pictured above. I could only find this low res jpeg of the 12" cover. The Wordsworth track is just nowhere to be found, so I had to shine some light on it. I was a big fan of his album Mirror Music when it dropped shortly after this. His lyrical ability and dexterity on that album amazed me... exceptional narratives and song concepts.

This particular track is a feel good rap song. Wordsworth giving thanks to all of those who have supported him over the years atop J Rawls very impressive production, driven by an infectious piano loop. The icing on the cake is the beat switch up towards the end. If you only like harder edged hip hop, steer clear. If you got the jazz, check it out -

Wordsworth - Thanks For Coming Out (12" Vocal Version) -

Wordsworth - Thanks For Coming Out (12" Instrumental Version) -

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