Monday, May 2, 2011

DJ Manipulator TRANSFORM!

The homie DJ Manipulator is killing it lately. One of this region's most talented and hardest working producers, he's got some new material to give your speakers a run for their money. I wouldn't post this shit up if it wasn't tough, so don't sleep on Live from the Badlands 3. Killer breaks, samples, cuts and arrangements... these beats are right up my alley...

Here's a few short snippets to help motivate you to toss this thing into your Itunes.

DJ Manipulator - High Speed Chase (From Badlands 3) -

DJ Manipulator - Flip This (From Badlands 3) -

Manipulator has been staying dedicated for a long time now. No, I'm not just trying to say every single cliche sentence to get you to give him a listen. I remember about 7 years back we linked up briefly and talked about all the things we were trying to make happen. I see him doing his thing now, and I am very impressed with how far he's taken it. We hadn't spoken in years and years when I got linked to Kinda Dusty and saw a picture of him holding up the Mixmaster Gee record (pictured above). I was like oh shit, there he is! I knew it was the same dude 'cause I had told him to check out the mixmaster gee 12" way back when I first learned he went by Manipulator.

If you're feeling Live From The Badlands 3, check out his Studio Kinda Dusty Mix below, also for free...

Don't be surprised if you see Manipulator credited for some cuts on a few of my upcoming projects.

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