Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Eazy-E "Radio" World Premiere on Rap Attack // UTFO Rap Attack Trivia

From June 17, 1988, here's the world premiere of Eazy-E's Radio on Mr. Magic's Rap Attack!

Eazy-E Radio World Premiere (06.17.88) -

And check this out, Mr. Magic's reaction to the world premiere of Radio, as well as an edition of Rap Attack trivia, this time around focusing on UTFO knowledge...

Mr. Magic talks Eazy-E / Rap Attack UTFO Trivia (06.17.88) -

Magic: How 'bout the LA boys in effect, Eazy-E! Yeahhh, seems like rap is getting big coast to coast. Reminds me of this very good looking DJ, know what I'm saying Marley?

Marley: Oooh

Magic: Anyyyyway


Magic: UTFO's first recording was Beats and Rhymes! Remember that? I don't think so, we didn't remember it either.

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