Thursday, May 12, 2011

Rap Attack "Rockin' On Your Radio" - Magic & Marley's Chemistry (08.11.1984)

Here's a great clip from the August 11th, 1984 edition of the Rap Attack on WBLS. An energetic and on-point Mr. Magic rocks off his chemistry with DJ Marley Marl on the wheels of steel. All this takes place over a Mr. Magic's own production, Jeckyll and Hyde's AM PM. Check it out -

Magic and Marley "Rockin' on the Radio" -

Magic: Tell 'em whatcha want them to do Marley Marl!

Marley: (cuts "AM PM") "Turn your radio up!"

Magic: WBLS FM 107.5 in a class by itself, Mr. Magic maxin' and relaxin', Marley Marl doing the waxing, and just to prove to you, juice, that it's all the way live, tell 'em Marley Marl what we're doing right now...

Marley: (cuts Crash Crew "On The Radio") "rockin' on your radio!"

Magic: Lemme hear ya cut up the "rock ... rock... rockin'!"

Marley: (cuts Crash Crew "On The Radio"): "Rock ... rock... rockin')

Magic: Often imitataded but never quite duplicated, as I said we are in a class by iteself... I hate to brag but it is definitely the TRUTH! Turn the boxes up, 30 minutes of non stop music continues...

(Above: A WBLS ad from the New York Subway System IRT line, circa 1978)


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