Monday, May 2, 2011

Russell Simmons and Rick Rubin on UK Capital Radio 95.8 - 1986 Krush Groovin'

Here's a nice portion of a tape that contains an appearance by Russell Simmons and Rick Rubin on UK Capital Radio 95.8 in 1986. It's from a moment in time when the UK was awaiting the arrival of Krush Groove in their nation's theaters. It begins with Rick and Russell being amused by Mike Allen's (? I think it's Mike Allen...) use of the word hooligan. The highlight, however, is Russell telling a little story about the recording of the song Krush Groove. Check it out -

Russell Simmons and Rick Rubin on UK Capital Radio 95.8 - 1986

Russell Simmons: There was a fight between Kurtis and Rick, and since I manage both of them I was in the middle. Kurtis and Rick were arguing about what the record should sound like. Kurtis and I had made this record, and Rick called it... gosh, I can't use that word.

Rick: Pussy, I said it was pussy.

Russell: He said it was kinda weak, but then Run felt... Run's my little brother, and he kept telling me he didn't wanna rap on it because it was too musical, or too pop, or too -

Rick: Pussy... too pussy, was the word.

Russell: They kept using that word. And so they just decided they'd make their own parts. So Run was supposed to show up in the studio. What happened was Rick showed up instead of Run, and Rick brought this other part. So we just edited it in, that's from another multi track. And then Kurt did that same part, almost like that same kind of thing himself, 'cause it turned out alright.

I heard Sbarro filed for bankruptcy recently. No good... Let's take a look at their finest hour -


  1. Dope!
    Thanks for this Will,
    Love hearing stuff like this, back in the day I was always struggling for C90s, so always paused out interviews & stuff.
    Mad props for all the goodness on these pages homeboy.

  2. Thanks for leaving a comment, man! I'm definitely happy to see that your name is Ric Flair, haha!