Wednesday, April 7, 2010

"What's Wrong With You Man?? You Crazy!" Roxanne Shante and MC Shan Deluxe Reissues Coming

I'm happy to announce that the coming months will see the release of two more Cold Chillin' deluxe reissues. First up, Roxanne Shante's Bad Sister, followed by MC Shan's sophomore release, Born To Be Wild. As always, each disc will include bonus audio, never-before-seen artwork, and more.

There's so many incredible tracks between these two expanded releases... I Pioneered This, Have A Nice Day, Juice Crew Law, Brothers Ain't Shit, Words of a Freestyle, both title tracks, Skeezer, Live On Stage, and the list goes on. I've had a great time talking with both Shante and MC Shan about their respective releases. Here's an excerpt from the Bad Sister liner notes:

Today, Shante recalls her time as a Cold Chillin’ artist with honesty and clarity. “Overall, my recording career with Cold Chillin’ was definitely a prerequisite for life in general. I was able to deal with so many different personalities. With the fellas who sometimes wrote lyrics for me, like Kane and Biz and Shan, I love the fact that we kept it very close-knit to the extent that they could actually write songs for me, and it would sound like something Shante would say. We actually came up with the phrase, ‘Now that sounds Shante-ish,’ meaning it was sassy enough, contained enough profanity, was quick-witted, and had a very fast delivery to match Shante’s personality. So with Bad Sister, I would say that I was very happy with the outcome of the album. Just the fact that I was able to sit back, hear it and say ‘Wow, I’m really feeling like that today.’ I would say the title track describes the type of life I wanted to have, or the type of life we felt the public thought I had. They thought I had this big bed and this bath that you step into with men washing you up. They didn’t know that I was still in the hood barely surviving, but it gave me a chance to mentally go to a whole different place and I think it even reflected what my Cold Chillin’ brothers wanted me to have. They would rhyme about all of these elaborate things and I’d be like, ‘*Pshh*, wouldn’t it be good if I had all that!’ I know that when Cold Chillin’ decided to band with Warner Brothers, we thought we were
going to get Bugs Bunny money. I was lucky if I got a carrot.”

And here's a clip of DJ Pete Rock having a little fun with the Juice Crew Law 12" on the In Control Show:

MC Shan- Juice Crew Law (12" Version) on In Control Show, 107.5 WBLS - April 29, 1989 -

Werner Von Wallenrod recently had a
thorough post on Shan's Juice Crew Law 12". Hands down the 12" version is much heavier, from bass line to drums. You can bet it will be on the reissue.

Be sure to keep an eye out for both of these this summer! Speaking of summer, we just had a beautiful weekend up here in Boston. Pretty soon I'll be dressing like this dude:

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  1. Real mix shows -- with DJs actually mixing, not slamming records on and yelling.