Monday, April 26, 2010

Hunger Strike! Stretch and Bobbito July 1996

I think this audio may already be out there, but I was listening to this tape on Friday and figured I'd share it. This is a Stretch and Bobbito tape dated July 25th, 1996. Mr. Live and Tony Bones are in the studio.

Hear as Stretch and Bob discuss how Rick Rubin "practically had to run to the bathroom and play with his Wurlitzer" upon hearing that Stretch's sister's best friend's mother's boyfriend was the drummer who played on Billy Squire's Big Beat...

Stretch and Bobbito (w/ Mr. Live and Tony Bones) - 07-25-06 -

As a bonus, here's the other side of the tape, July 18th, 1996, with Benny B and DJ Eclipse filling in for Stretch and Bobbito...

Stretch and Bobbito (Benny B and DJ Eclipse) - 07-18-96 -

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