Sunday, April 11, 2010

No More Mr. Nice Guy

Siahlaw is pissed people say he sounds like Jay-Z. Do YOU think he sounds like Jay-Z??? If so, he will shoot you.

Siahlaw- Get Your Order Up-

Siahlaw- No More Mr. Nice Guy-

Siahlaw- Do it 4 Da Streetz-


  1. Set the record Straight... Siahlaw sounds like Siahlaw.... People have made comparisons to JayZ and Siahlaw doesn't shy away from the comments he stands his ground and pays respect to those like JayZ, Nas, Biggie, 2Pac etc... who have paved the way for artist like him... He is that good... that they compare him to a living legend... thats a great thing! Siahlaw Keep Making that Legendary Status Music

  2. For the record....the skit I did on my mixtape was not 2 say I will shoot was a metaphor that ima kill that noise.....don't get it twisted I pay homeage 2 those who layed the path that I walk down but at the same time I stand alone....I'm not his mirror image and don't wanna b....... everybody gets compared 2 somebody I'm jus glad I get compared 2 a legend....who do u look like or sound like....think about it........1 b stand up

  3. No doubt man, I hear exactly what you're saying. Well put, and I hope you understand that I'm not being negative in my post. I know it's just music and that the skit is part of the music. As far as who I get compared to, someone said in an online review of my album that I LOOK like "a cross between Asher Roth and a bearded Colin Munroe." God damn. So be thankful you get compared to Jay-Z. HA!