Monday, December 12, 2011

Dollar Bin Revenge

On a trip to any used record store (at least here in America), you're more than likely to see a Captain & Tennille record in the bins. There's certain artists or records that are so abundant in used record shops that they become ingrained in your mind. Chuck or Gap Mangione is another example. Usually they get skipped right over. They're so abundant, and for those looking for the next great sample to flip, their covers don't always exactly shout out "let's do this."

But we all know we can't just judge a book by it's cover, or music by a visual. So, today is a little dollar bin revenge. Let's take a look at just a few of some of the finest offerings from those pictured above.

Boys With Toys -

Diana in the Autumn Wind -

As for the Captain, well, he's the man in my book too. He was a member of The Beach Boys' band in the early 70s. You can see him with the signature hat on in this performance -

How's this for a story... Originally shared on the Smiley Smile Message Board by none other than Stephen W. Desper, a very important figure in The Beach Boys history. Desper worked as the engineer for The Beach Boys' recordings in the latter period of the Sixties and early Seventies. He also was an artist on some of the Beach Boys records playing and working the Moog, and he toured with them as a sound engineer on the road as well. He shared this excellent story about Daryl Dragon aka The Captain in 2006 -

"He is quite a fellow. Very Very Smart. He gained my respect in the studio right away. Fantastic at the keyboard. Can play any song in any style. I've watched him transpose from key to key in mid-stream. Just call out the key and he can play completely written out chord sheets in any key.

The old MOOG's had DC controlled keyboards. One day Bruce (Johnston), Daryl and I were in the studio doing some MOOG things. Bruce and I were challanging Daryl to play some very hard things so I wondered if he could take, what I thought would be the ultimate challenge. I took the MOOG keyboard and inverted the keys. That is, starting at the left were the highest notes on down to the right for the lowest notes. Completely reversed.

As you know the keyboard has black and white notes that are the half-note steps. Now when you invert the keyboard, the gaps between the white and black notes, being irregular, does not translate in the flipover. In fact nothing makes any sense. I did the keyboard flp and Bruce tried his hand -- total failure. Then Darly tried and I knew why they call him "Capt. Keyboard." He could play any sheet music on the first pass WITH THE KEYBOARD INVERTED !! It was an absolutly insane accomplishment. He said it was all mathamatics to him -- like the key changes. But still, I've never seen anything like that demonstration since.

His wife is equally talented. I've recorded her and she usually does all singing on the first take. Once in a great while you will need a second take, but not much. She is a fabulous studio singer. No punch-in's are required.

They are both lovely people and a pleasure to be with."

Out of control. Here's one more to close out. Dragon aka The Captain AKA "Rumbo" with Dennis Wilson from a 1970 7" -

So, there you have it. Dollar bin revenge. Perhaps now after reading this you'll never look at those particular artists the same way ever again. More likely, however, is that you'll just feel like The Captain is gazing into your soul every time he makes his never failing cameo appearance in that local record bin near you. Blame me.

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  1. You know that Capt. & Tennille LP has a break on it, right?