Thursday, October 13, 2011

Love Rap / The New Rap Language Test Press - Ebay

Forgot to mention this earlier in the week. Recently, when I realized I couldn't get to an item that was jammed between a stack of albums, a projector, my laundry and a cardboard box with unknown contents, I decided it was time to part with some of my goodies. Multiple copies ain't always where it's at. I got some vinyl up on Ebay, including this gem right here, a test pressing of Love Rap / The New Rap Language. Gad zooks! -

Also got some other crazy stuff like a sealed copy of Scott La Rock and the Celebrity Three Advance, Top Choice Clique The Powers In The Words EP, Rapmasters and DJ 2 (Beautiful Sounds) 12", the list goes on. Check it ALLLLLLLL out


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