Friday, October 14, 2011

Stetsasonic Call Into Awesome 2 Show // Awesome 2 Sign Off - February 1987

Great spontaneous moment here. The whole Stetsasonic crew call into The Awesome 2 show to let them know they're listening.

Stetsasonic Call into Awesome 2 Show // Awesome 2 Sign Off - Feb '87 -

- Hello you're live, the Awesome 2

- Yo this is Daddy-O from the Stet, yo we got the whole Stet posse in the place to be man (the rest chime in)

- Brooklyn in effect, huh?

- What's happenin' fellas, big things is happening with y'all

- We're getting ready to go out on tour with LL, Whodini, Public Enemy, Eric B, Doug Fresh, the whole posse man, we're going RAMBO man, taking the Brooklyn show on the road.

- Now didn't we say things was gonna be kicking live?

- Oh yeah, most definitely man, we know you were always in our corner, that's why we in y'alls

- Believe that

- Word Up


- Stet posse wants to say peace to everybody in the world. We out here man, and we're always pushing for the Awesome 2. Stamping out all gay people in radio!

Yowsah. The conversation is followed by a little Ultra Magnetic M.C.'s Mentally Mad blend as the 2 sign off. The girl you here is Tara, who was shouted out earlier in the show for helping handle the phone lines. Apparently somebody called in trying to say they were LL Cool J, looking to shout out E Love.

- To the kid who called and told me he was LL Cool J and wanted to say hello to E Love... have a better imitation next time.

- Believe that!

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