Tuesday, December 13, 2011

"Coffee Break For Heroes and Villains" News + Will C. Appearance From 07.23.09

(Will C., left, KARMA, right, @ Coffee Break For Heroes and Villains [WFMU], NJ, 07.23.09)

And now for some good news in the rap world. Coffee Break For Heroes and Villains, one of the best rap radio shows out there , will continue on. Noah Uman, the show's creator, has spent the past 7+ years broadcasting his program via New Jersey-based WFMU. Recently he moved to Nashville, but he's decided that won't mean the end of Coffee Break -

Noah's a friend of mine. His enthusiasm for hip hop and all of the music he loves has led him to achieving many great things in the music world and "industry." I'm glad he's going to be keeping a good thing going. There's enough good things hip hop has lost already.

(Will C. DJing @ Coffee Break For Heroes and Villains [WFMU], NJ, 07.23.09)

Back in 2009, when Evil in the Mirror had just come out, KARMA and I were guests on Noah Uman's WFMU show Coffee Break For Heroes and Villains. It was a very memorable time. Everybody was in great spirits, I DJd a set and we all had some great conversations on and off mic. On the way home, we stopped in CT for a Blacastan photo shoot that wound up producing the cover of Blac Sabbath. That was a fun weekend.

Will C. and KARMA @ Coffee Break, 07.23.09 -

Here's some more info on the current fate of Coffee Break for Heroes and Villains:

“Since I moved out of New Jersey, I didn’t make it to the WFMU schedule this time around, maybe next season. I figured instead of me not doing the show at all, I might as well try another route. I’ve put a lot of hard work into it over the years. From making physical flyers, t-shirts, setting up a website, basic online promotions, to booking all the guests as well. I shouldn’t let not being on a radio schedule stop me from doing what I love. The decision to re-launch the show via social networking sites is the best move at the moment as far as getting the word out there, let’s keep our fingers crossed, and give it a shot!”

The weekly 3 hour show spent it’s time playing forgotten gems, influential records or groups from throughout the history of rap music, as well as showcasing unsigned up-and-comers and the latest in independently released hip-hop.

Noah's going to be uploading the show at the same time each Wednesday evening at 8pm (East Cost Time).

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