Thursday, December 8, 2011

Was December 1980 One Of The Worst Months In Music History?

Sitting here thinking about how early December 1980 was an awful time for music. Earlier when I was listening to the radio I heard people calling in requesting John Lennon tracks, as it is the 31st anniversary of his passing today.

He passed on the 8th. Just three days earlier on the 5th, The Beach Boys appeared on Good Morning America, and it's a tough one.

"Dennis, ya know, has been out for days on end partying and he can't hold himself up on the couch. He's falling into Carl's lap and he's smoking. And the smoke from his cigarette is wafting across the table and right up under Mike Love's face. And when they pan over to Mike, you can just see him seething."

- Jon Stebbins, author of Dennis Wilson: The Real Beach Boy

Here's the full interview, unfortunately in much lesser quality -

Maybe a lot of good things happened in December 1980 too. Technically I haven't done any research aside from view one Beach Boys youtube video and hear John Lennon songs on the radio today. Let me find out Blondie's Rapture came out that month.

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