Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Awesome 2 Premiere Nice & Smooth Skill Trade

The Awesome 2 Premiere Nice & Smooth Skill Trade

I haven't posted much from The Awesome 2 since this site got going. Truthfully, I don't have much of their shows, but I'm going to delve into some great moments of theirs from early 1987 in the coming days. Let's start out with what is almost for sure the world premiere of Nice & Smooth's debut record (as Greg Nice and Smooth Bee), Skill Trade. This is the b-side of a tape whose a-side is marked February 2nd, 1987, so this is most likely from a week or two after. The Awesome 2 spin Skill Trade while they have Smooth B on the phone.

The Awesome Two Debut Nice & Smooth's "Skill Trade" and Speak With Smooth B on the Vibe Line -

Special K: Something brand new that you heard first with the 2 called "Skill Trade" by my man Smooth B who is still live on the vibe line with us from Tarzana, California, and this is a very special record. More than what the meaning holds for the skill trade, it's a skill trade by a very special man that we lost a couple months ago. Smooth B is gonna elaborate on that...

Smooth B: I came together with Greg Nice to perform the skill trade, and it was a tribute to my man June Love 'cause he passed away, may his soul rest in peace. Originally it was June Love and Greg Nice getting ready to come out, you know, so when that happened we said, "yeah we gotta do something in tribute to June," 'cause we had planned to do something together in the future...

... There's a few people that really know what they're doing ... we know what we're doing ... June Love knows what he's doing ... The Awesome 2 know what they doing ... Bobby Brown know what he doing... there's troops and troopettes, we know what we're DOING... that's the hook, together we're coolin'

Why the Bobby Brown mention? Apparently he was on the vibe line earlier, but of course that part ain't on the tape. Damn!

Enjoy this one, a very early moment from Nice & Smooth's partnership on wax!

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