Monday, October 10, 2011

The Fat Boys Visit Mr. Magic - January or February 1985

I guess you could say I've been away.

I'm back now with some quality bits and pieces from rap's better days. Most of it is going to be material that hasn't been heard since the night it was broadcast live, and it's going to be coming in a massive wave, so check back daily. Here we go...

From my tape labeled January 23rd 1985 (although this is a show from a week or two later), we have Mr. Magic running down the weather forecast before introducing his in-studio guests, The Fat Boys. A couple years back, I posted an interview with The Fat Boys from April 20th, 1984 from when they were just starting to blow up as the Disco 3 with a large record called Fat Boys. 9 months later, they're still on the rise and a little bit more animated as their newest single Can You Feel It is playing in the background.

The Fat Boys Rap Attack Interview From Late January or February '85 (A) -

Kool Rock-ski: We won the Tin Pan Apple Rap and Breakdance contest at Radio City Music Hall on May 23, 1983, and we recorded our first record. Our second record we recorded with Kurtis Blow, which was real big, and that was "Fat Boys." Now Kurtis is our producer from now on. We just released the album three months ago and so far it went gold.

Mr. Magic: Okay, so now, you've been together for about two years... I've had the pleasure of knowing you for a few years and I can see that you have grown up a lot. They got Cazals on, y'all chillin' most. Did you ever think it was gonna be this big when you put the group together?

Fat Boys: Not really.

Check this one out. If you're anything like me, you'll agree this is a hip hop moment in history to be cherished. I'm very grateful and happy that this broadcast was preserved for all of these years. A lot of people taped the Rap Attack, but either they're keeping them in shoe boxes or they perished long ago. It's always painful to think of how many legendary moments will never ever be seen or heard again. I was in a conversation not long ago where a few individuals were discussing a John Lennon appearance on the Mike Douglas show. How many Lennon fans would cherish seeing that appearance in broadcast quality? It should exist, but it doesn't. The tapes were wiped. Let's preserve this shit. If you're out there with tapes tucked away, I'm not mad at you if you're trying to keep them to yourself, but I say you get them out there eventually before you kick the bucket, or they'll most likely vanish with you.

Here's the tail end of The Fat Boys in-studio appearance!

The Fat Boys Rap Attack Interview From Late January or February '85 (B) -

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