Friday, July 3, 2009

The (Other) Doo Doo

Since it's now officially summertime, I figured it's appropriate to give this one some shine. We got the Fourth of July coming up Saturday here in the states, but to be honest, the weather is turrible. It doesn't even feel like summer with the nonstop rain, so instead of going outside, can I rely on this track to get the mood right?

Doug E. Fresh And The Get Fresh Crew- Summertime-

Doug E. Fresh And The Get Fresh Crew- Summertime (Fresh Dub)-

Everybody always knocks this Doug E. Fresh tune. Too soft for ya? Fun rap can be fun too. There's no way I can feel stupid for enjoying a track with Doug E. Fresh AND the 45 King listed in the credits. I'm envious of the 45 King actually... I want to receive credit on a track for "Doo-doos." That's it, nothing else.

Doug E. Fresh... Get Fresh Crew... Todd Terry... 45 King...



That's right, we got an early Puffy appearance in the "Summertime" video, carrying stuff out the limo trunk (right at the beginning). Is that motivating or demotivating? Gotta start somewhere, I guess. I wasn't sure if demotivating was an actual word, but it's not getting underlined in red. I'm on a roll. Now, if it get only be sunny this Saturday.

Here's Diddy finding a 1 dollar bill:

So yo, some of you readers actually weigh in on this one. I want to know how many of you people feel the desire to give this track the gas face. Word to KARMA's "Pop Goes The Weasel" shirt he's got on today.

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