Monday, July 27, 2009

Blues Guy Black Def- Heroes & Villains, Saving Seamus Ryan, Evil in the Herald, and more

Crazy weekend! Doing the Coffee Break for Heroes and Villains radio show was dope (see previous post). Shouts to Noah for having me and KARMA come up there. They got an insane record room... I stayed at the station until about 3:30 AM looking through the shelves and getting the tour. Met this one dude "Choke" who was the man. He's currently working alongside Ski producing, and has previously laid down the cuts for Tuff Crew's Still Dangerous album. Very cool guy, so shouts to him as well. The craziest thing was, he doesn't have a laptop, so he was lugging around a computer monitor and PC tower. When he does gigs, he's gotta carry that stuff around, but I hear he can cut his ass off, so anybody snickering gets put in their place. Well, that's the rumor. Anyways, check out an excerpt from the show below:

And stream the entire show HERE. We showed up a little over a half hour into the 3-hour show. It was a night of worrrllllld premieres, worllllld premieresss, including a track off of Esoteric's upcoming solo album, the long awaited and extremely anticipated Saving Seamus Ryan. Listen for the DC the MIDI Alien produced Hold On. More on this sure-to-be incredible album later.

The next morning me and KARMA headed from Jersey City to Hartford, Connecticut to meet up with Blacastan. If you don't know about this dude, do not sleep! He's going to be dropping an incredible album on Brick Records in the not-so-distant future. If you've heard Life of a Tape, I know you don't doubt me. For those who haven't, check it out below.

Blacastan is Brick family, so it was good to finally meet him. It's a privilege having him on my team. No doubt he is super talented, so I look forward to working with him more in the future. He's got the rhymes, he's got the beats, and on some DMC King of Rock shit, he can draw! Not too shabby.

There will be more on Blac soon. For now, all I got to say is Blacastan + Hooters = A good time.

Since I'm on the Brick tip right now though, I gotta also give infinite praise to the up-and-coming emcee BoyCott Blues. His debut single dropped the same day as my album last Tuesday, and it is d-d-d-dope. His upcoming album is almost entirely produced by rapper/producer/dj/apple iphone app creator Insight, so you know it will be quality. His single Da Math features Consequence and Insight, and for me it's really a toss up as to whether the b-side, A Will & A Way, wins again. I really think both of these tracks are exceptional. I know my man Big Dan's vote is for Da Math, and since I debuted A Will & A Way on Coffee Break... (which you can hear above), I gotta go with Dan on this one. I also had to include Da Math remix from Blues upcoming mixtape, R.I.P. City. Check 'em out!

BoyCott Blues Feat. Consequence & Insight- Da Math

BoyCott Blues Feat. Consequence & Insight- Da Math (R.I.P. City Version)

And finally finally- Marty Caballero over at the Boston Herald just let me know his review of Evil In The Mirror was in last friday's paper. I gotta thank him for such a positive review.

Grade: A minus and 1/2 plus! Just playing...


“Evil in the Mirror” (Brick): A-

For Will C., the 22-year-old hip-hop prodigy who earned plaudits for his smart and inventive skills as a mixtape DJ (the ’80s-inspired “Commercial Rap” and “Down the Dial”), making the transition from behind the scenes to behind the mike isn’t simply a matter of spitting rhymes. On his solo debut, “Evil in the Mirror,” Will carefully constructs the universe as he sees it: a split-screen battle between his better and lesser instincts played out over tough old-school drums and samples. “Be Yourself Syndrome” breaks down his life (and hip-hop) philosophy with lyrical shades of Wu-Tang’s GZA (with lines like “trivial like the bottom of Snapple caps”). As competent and confident as he is an MC, Will’s greatest strength remains his ability to formulate a concept and execute it: “Evil” is greater than the sum of its parts thanks to consistently creative production and arrangements. As a reflection of Will’s wide-ranging talents, “Mirror” looks good. Download: “Synthetic Genetics.”

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