Monday, June 22, 2009

TGI... M?

Monday isn't looking so bad today.  Sure, it's raining here, but we can deal with that.  I got a couple emails this morning that started things off on the right foot, beginning with a notification that the man himself, Spyder D, had stopped through the blog and left a comment.  I got a little nervous at first, because if it was a negative comment, that would be a total bummer.  There's nothing worse than a hip hop icon sonning you.

Thankfully, it was a positive and informative comment.  Spyder was kind enough to contribute some knowledge regarding the "Magic's Message" 12" from Posse Records.  Anybody who's been reading this blog since it began will recall that I kicked things off with a week of Mr. Magic related posts, with post # 4 being about "Magic's Message."  You can check it out HERE if you missed it.  Previously, I had only talked with Mr. Magic and Fly Ty about this record, but here's what Spyder has to say:

"This is Spyder D. Thanks for the mention. For the record, Patrick Adams played all keyboards that I didn't on this track. I programmed the drums, and did the original vocals as it was supposed to be my single. Profile, for some inexplicable reason, turned it down. (A sring of beefs I had with them), so I went to Juice since I knew he was not at BLS at the time. He and Ty thought it might help get them back on top, and I believe it had a lot to do with him getting his gig back, since rival Kiss FM started playing this single immediatley."

Very cool stuff.  Once again, thanks for the knowledge, Spyder!

Another plus is that Fatlace Magazine is getting the info out there about my upcoming album and single with THIS post.  Good looking out, guys!

Stay tuned for some new stuff this week...

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