Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Evil In The Mirror Is Coming! Pre-Orders Available at Undergound Hip Hop!

The good folks at Underground Hip Hop have made Evil In The Mirror, my debut album, available for Pre-Order on their site!  Check it out HERE.  This is probably the first place where you can check out the press release info behind the album, so please take a moment to peep it and leave a positive comment if y'all don't mind.  Snippets to follow in the near future.  

You get TWO EXCLUSIVE bonus CDs if you cop from UGHH, so this is a good deal right here.  More info on these 2 CDs at the bottom of this post.

Oh yeah, and since they got it up, I think now's a good time to post the album cover.  

Gawk this way.

Special thanks... no... EXTREME thank you to KARMA, as well as Jeff @ GLP Creative on the artwork and photography tip.  

And remember, remember- Losers b/w Synthetic Genetics single up on Itunes, Rhapsody, Emusic, Amazon, and all digital networks July 7th.  You KNOW I'll do a post on it on that date... I don't play.

Album dropping worldwide July 21st.  

Here's the track list:

1. Frog Among Queens

2. It Ain’t The 80s

3. Water Ice (With A Gaseous Center)

4. Alternate Earth

5. Infinite Hourglass

6. Synthetic Genetics Feat. Esoteric

7. Zodiac Extension

8. Trainspotting

9. The Places

10. Be Yourself Syndrome

11. Uncle Owen (Extended Re-edit)

12. Recurring Dream

13. Losers

14. Evil In The Mirror

...More info to follow as the date approaches...

* 2 UGHH Exclusive Bonus CDs * 

Clear View Mirror 

"At the heart of Evil In The Mirror is its source material. The nucleus, the back drops that inspire the lyrics. When carefully arranged and selected, countless stacks of record LPs, cassettes, 45s, and VHS tapes* hopefully become a finished product with my signature stamp on it. Before there was Evil In The Mirror, there was a Rock album here, an Exotica record there... Folk, Jazz, Space Age Pop, Disco, Funk... all sorts of records being selected, if only slightly 'by random.' Some because they have interesting covers, others because they're cheap, and still others, for example, because a coworker felt compelled to lend me a Country Moog record for the hell of it. Top all of that off with those odd days spent tip-toeing into rooms to snag records I'm STILL not supposed to lay a finger on (at 22... really??!!) and the result is the adventure that became Evil In The Mirror. 

Clear View Mirror is the stripped down companion to Evil. The small bits of music, the diamonds in the rough that made it onto my MPC and into Pro Tools. Here they are, unprocessed- no EQ, no pitch bend, nothing. There's a lot of material on here I really enjoy as is, before I either flipped them or ruined them, depending on how you want to look at it. Compiled from a great deal of selections, Clear View actually clocks in at a slightly longer run time than Evil. Go figure. Check it out.

* (and let's be honest, DVDs too... shit ain't always analog)"

Evil In The Mirror Instrumentals

"I never noticed you can hear a guy mumbling something backwards quietly in the Infinite Hourglass sample! Is that a robot speaking German underneath the Synthetic Genetics beat? Maybe if Will C. shut up once in awhile and stopped speaking so much nonsense over the beat, I'd be able to hear these intricacies.

Now, with the bonus Evil In the Mirror Instrumentals CD, Will C. is finally muted, allowing the listener to hear all of this and more!

Disclaimer: Artist does not actually think listener cares."

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