Tuesday, June 16, 2009

"Losers" Single Available July 7th!

"Losers", the lead single off my debut album, "Evil In The Mirror", will be available July 7th on Brick Records!  It will be available for purchase worldwide on Itunes, Rhapsody, Emusic, Amazon, and all major digital retail spots.  Below is the press release and two selections from the single, "Losers" and "Synthetic Genetics", the latter featuring Esoteric. You will notice there are two small dropouts on each track, one with me stating the release date of the album, and the other being somewhat nonsense dialogue.  This is because each track is a promotional only version. You lose approximately 15-20 seconds tops on each song (gotta give you an incentive to buy the full versions!).  This is standard procedure, but just figured I'd explain it for anybody caught off guard by this. 

Losers Single Digi Flyer

Losers (Promo Version) -



Synthetic Genetics 

Feat. Esoteric (Promo Version) -  

The debut single from upstart producer/lyricist Will C., "Losers" 

is a glimpse into the duality in subject matter that will permeate 

many concepts found on his upcoming (July 21st) full length 

"Evil In The Mirror."  What begins as an attack on the world 

around the artist ("You're all losers..."), the track takes an ironic 

and unexpected turn when cliche and tiresome finger-pointing 

suddenly transforms into a self-reflective realization ("Maybe I'm 

the loser...").  In his own words, 

"The more I was honest with my own identity, including strengths 

AND weaknesses, the more fulfilling making music started to 

become.  If I had made a track only firing off my grievances with 

other people and bitching, it would be a tired concept you've 

already heard hundreds of times.  That's not me.  I'm confidence 

backed with paranoia.  I'm respectable, but I can also be a 

complete dick.  I want all sides of me to find their way onto 

record, and I'm hoping it makes a track like 'Losers' a lot more 

satisfying and unique for the listener." 

"Losers" is juxtaposed with its seemingly opposite counterpart, 

"Synthetic Genetics," an uptempo sonic tour-de-force that 

features one of hip hop's most skilled lyricists, producers and 

gifted minds, Esoteric.  Together, the two further display the 

chemistry that made "Wrestlelectro" and “Heroic Trio” (Both 

songs appearing on last year’s Esoteric Vs. Japan: Pterodactyl 

Takes Tokyo album) so potent.  

Exclusive to this digital single are the non-album cuts            

"Zodiac Extension Pt. 2" and "Losers (Remix)." 

For fans of 7L & Esoteric, Madlib, Edan, Insight, Raydar Ellis

1 Losers (Clean) 

2 Losers (Dirty) 

3 Losers (Instrumental) 

4 Synthetic Genetics Feat. Esoteric (Clean) 

5 Zodiac Extension Pt. 2 (Clean) - Digital Single Exclusive 

6 Synthetic Genetics Feat. Esoteric (Dirty) 

7 Synthetic Genetics (Instrumental) 

8 Losers (Remix - Clean) - Digital Single Exclusive 

9 Losers (Remix - Dirty)  - Digital Single Exclusive 

10 Losers (Remix - Instrumental)  - Digital Single Exclusive 

11 Losers (A Capella) 

12 Synthetic Genetics Feat. Esoteric (A Capella) 

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