Wednesday, June 3, 2009

My Mic Is On Fire (But It's Also In A Library)

I just wanted to put up some audio from this 12" because I think it is exceptional. I'm not big on the "random rap" genre (cringe), but this particular song, for Ivan "Doc" Rodriguez's production alone, is spectacular. Uptempo, crazy drums, the horns... those components usually add up to something I'll enjoy.

One time I went to add DJ Doc on myspace, and it said "myspace only allows you to add this person if you can confirm you know their last name or email." I thought that was funny, because his credits on albums was usually always Ivan "Doc" Rodriguez. But, what the hell, leave the man be.

I don't want to ramble too much about this, I'll just hit you with the goods. Short summary- Lord Shafiyq from "My Mic Is On Fire" teams up with DJ Doc "Of Boogie Down Productions Fame" to make the "Enter The Lord" EP as The Chosen Ones. This was, I believe, the lead single:

Robodoc (Radio/Album Mix)

Robodoc (Instrumental)

(Don't sleep on the Peace and Unity Mix...)

Robodoc (Peace And Unity Mix)

This is how I initially heard the track. It's an interview from Marley Marl's In Control Radio Show- August 5, 1989. The whole show is stellar, with EPMD, DMC, and others stopping by later. DJ Scratch gets busy. It's posted below, as well. This particular show has been floating around for awhile now, but it's great. Excuse the static at the beginning. It clears up by around one minute into the Chosen Ones interview.  Also, this plays a little bit louder than the above audio.

The Chosen Ones Interview- Marley Marl In Control- 08.05.1989

EPMD, DMC- Marley Marl In Control- 08.05.1989

God damn, DJ Scratch wrecking Stezo.

I forgot to put the "Enter The Lord" LP scan on my thumb drive, so the title of this post might make no sense without the visual.  


  1. That Robodoc instrumental will come in handy during mix sets. Sound quality on the EPMD, DMC joint is dope considering a lot of the radio tapes floating around. Great post.

  2. Yo, what's that song they play during the interview after "The Big Payback?"

  3. It's "Atom" off of Main Source's first 12". Glad you enjoyed the post, man.