Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Stretch & Bobbito Discuss Hot 97 Show and Percee P - 01.18.96 or 02.22.96

This is a great Stretch and Bobbito clip from either January 18th or February 22nd, 1996. Here, the two discuss how Stretch is keeping his show at Hot 97 different from the WKCR show. Classic chemistry between the two. Here's a piece of the conversation,

Stretch: I'm trying not to make it redundant musically.

Bobbito: There's more than enough good stuff to play.

Stretch: Of course... the foolishness hasn't even begun.

Bobbito: Oh nah, it's mild right now. It's like a mild soap right now. We haven't gotten abrasive yet... right now it's like Dove.

Then, at the exact same time, they each reference Percee P in two different ways...

Stretch: Like Percee P! // Bobbito: Speaking of sulfuric acid, I'm lethal, soon as my words reach you, (trails off slowly...)

Stretch: Gullllllllll

Check out the audio! Percee P arrives at the station during their conversation and Stretch starts ragging on his goggles.

Stretch and Bobbito Discuss Hot 97, Percee P - 01.18.96 or 92.22.96

By the way, the tape date discrepancy is because the tape was labeled with each date. I don't remember which side was what.

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