Friday, July 22, 2011

Percee P & SLD on Stretch and Bobbito - 1996

From the same tape as the last Stretch and Bobbito post (01.18.96 and 02.22.96), the legendary Percee P and S.L.D. drop by and trade lines over Royal Flush's "Movin On Ya Weak Production." Some of this audio is on Youtube, but I've strung together some additional interesting moments from the show, including Stretch and Bobbito not knowing SLD's name (I'm pretty sure twice), Bobbito discussing inverted panties, and more.

Stretch and Bobbito - Percee P and SLD Bits and Pieces (01.18.96 and 02.22.96) -

Stretch and Bobbito - Percee P and SLD Rhyming (01.18.96 and 02.22.96) -

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