Friday, February 12, 2010

86 Init!

Here's a De La Soul track I don't hear people reference that often. It's actually a track from the Nightmares On Wax Sound Of N.O.W. EP, released in 2000. Aside from this EP, I'm not really up on the Nightmares On Wax collective. I remember seeing this in stores when it came out, but never got a copy until I acquired it from someone else's vinyl collection (What up John May?!)

Just doing a little research now, I see that the crew specializes in soul music and that they've been active since 1988. Their biography from their website offers a little history on the group. I'll let the music do the talking, though. Check out the track below for some exceptional De La you may not have caught the first time around! Well done, N.O.W.!

Nightmares On Wax feat. De La Soul - Keep On (86 Init Mix)-

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