Wednesday, February 23, 2011

DJ Knife Presents ... The Best Of Chainsaw Dubstep

The man DJ Knife is back in record time with a brand new mix, The Best of Chainsaw Dubstep. He came through C's Section the other night and together we discovered what has to be one of the oddest commercials I've ever seen -

Good times as always. Here's the mix!

And here's the run down, straight from Knife...

WARNING: If you don't already like dubstep, don't waste your time 
listening to this. This release is the result of spinning Top 40 for for far too long. It's a 30 minute, live mix of some of the most aggressive, chainsaw-sawing-through-your-head dubstep tracks I know, with a few non-dubstep joints to break up the monotony. Shout outs to Will C. for mastering and Alfrizzy for the artwork. Enjoy! (

1 comment:

  1. nice surprise to see dubstep mix on your blog, didn't know u like it. the mix is ok, a bit too mainstream for my sophisticated taste, but listenable :D
    dubstep and hip-hop is my religion.