Thursday, January 13, 2011

DJ Knife Presents: Strange Brew

Knife, one of Boston's best DJs (there's been many fun nights at the Good Life when he's the man in the booth), has just released his latest offering to the world… Strange Brew! I had the pleasure of meeting up with the man himself two nights ago to offer a second set of ears in the mastering process. It was a good time! At the tail end of the night, we still knew the mix needed an intro. Previously, Knife had mentioned to me that he was thinking of using Cream's Strange Brew, so I looped that up and we threw a couple of drops over the beat. Then we paired what we slapped together with a vintage beer commercial we found hilarious. A lot of "two fist" mentions that sounded a lot funnier back to back to back. You'll see what I mean…

At the very beginning of the mix, listen to what Prince Paul is saying. The drop was only recorded a couple of years back, but you can hear Paul explaining to Knife that he's never seen a phone that could record sound too. Cliche statement here, but damn, technology moves fast!

Check out Strange Brew here -

Gotta love how he sets it off cutting up Michael Penn!

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