Sunday, August 1, 2010

Pabst Raps! (Details)

Pabst Raps has arrived! This extremely limited release (only 300 pressed... that's it) is available on a hand numbered, blue-color 7-inch vinyl record. While it will be difficult to obtain due to its short run, there will absolutely be opportunities for the collector's to get their hands on a copy in the coming weeks. Stay tuned for info on giveaways taking place at a select few sites in the near future, and in the meantime, check out the featured tracks below! Jared Martin in full effect...

Will C. - My Mind Lyrics:

(go get 'em)

(flag is up)

I left work tense and damn I
can't just circumvent the jam I
got my car in crammed in stand by
I'm Ralph Kramden, damn it, and I
got home, shift to park and sigh
but I got new wisdom on my side
I could cop brew, sip and start a rhyme
cause I "Got Blue Ribbon on my mind"
so I weave, hop and skip and see a bar and dip in
cedar walls and brick and Peter, Paul in system
PBR is crisp, I seek a tall prescription
keeper saw me sitting, need a proper tip
as he leaned talking quick he said "What'll ya have?"
I said "Pabst Blue Ribbon, what'll you have?"
he said "Your money!" and laughed "Buddy, I'll run ya a tab
like if you had you a hundred I'd sub you 20 in flasks"
but I ain't chuggin' a glass, going- slow and steady
look I know the drink isn't over heavy
I've been pro at rap since I rode a Chevy
gotta boast a little, yo I've so been ready
now I'm relaxed with a pen and a pad
and a beat jacked from a 70s ad
as I lean back like a gentleman brags
and I let out a breath, I said remember the tag...


  1. follow me, I follow you...

    Thanks for all Will, peace and propz outta Germany.


  2. hey,
    congratulations - this release is dope!
    Is there any way i can get this for a decent price in germany?
    Keep on the good work!
    All the best, Robert