Thursday, August 19, 2010

Aboard A Tidal Wave

My last post featured the Beach Boys in what I considered to NOT be their prime. I suppose it isn't right that my only post about them so far is of that nature. So, to compliment my previous entry, here's Brian Wilson at his pinnacle, debuting Surf's Up on CBS News' Inside Pop - The Rock Revolution in November 1966.

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There is a new song, too complex to get all of first time around. It could come only out of the ferment that characterizes today's pop music scene. Brian Wilson, leader of the famous Beach Boys, and one of today's most important musicians, sings his own 'Surf's Up.' Poetic, beautiful even in its obscurity, 'Surf's Up' is one aspect of new things happening in pop music today. As such, it is a symbol of the change many of these young musicians see in our future.

Originally intended for the aborted SMiLE album, Surf's Up wouldn't find it's way onto a Beach Boys offering until 1971. There's not much to say about all of this that hasn't been thoroughly documented on the internet. If you're wondering why the above image doesn't match the aesthetic of a title like "Surf's Up," or why SMiLE was aborted, feel free to delve into the back story one of the greatest tales in pop music history.

BONUS: peep the intensity of Brian Wilson's stare when one of his newer musicians messes up at the end of a rehearsal for I Just Wasn't Made For These Times. Bastards -

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